Percentage calculator

With the following form you can easily do a percentage calculation.

The percentage calculation was a horror for you at school? The formula for the percentage calculation has slipped deep into the subconscious of your memory? Or are you just in a hurry and really don't have the time to do a percentage calculation yourself? How good that there is this online percentage calculator! It really makes life easier and reliably gives you - depending on your wishes - the basic value, the percentage, the percentage or the percentage value. So you can confidently put the calculator to one side and let this online calculator do the percentages for you. This calculator will calculate the exact values ​​and percentages for you in no time at all.

With the online calculator, decimal numerical values ​​can be converted into percentages and vice versa.

With the online calculator, decimal numerical values ​​can be converted into percentages and vice versa.

The percentage calculation

Now I would like to rummage through the memory box again: What does percentage calculation mean? How did the calculation work again?

Wherever the eye looks ... the percentage sign (%) can often be found everywhere: in shop windows; on bottles of alcoholic beverages; on Papa's sweets, the famous brandy beans; in brochures, in the supermarket, in election results, the indication of value added tax (VAT) and much more. The percentage expresses how much of a thing it is. The thing is the whole thing ... so 100%. So one percent is always a hundredth part of a whole. Of course, you can also express more of the whole in percentages, which results in a percentage over 100.

The following variables are required for the percentage calculation:

"G" = basic value
"P%" = percentage
"P" = percentage
"W" = percentage

Depending on the size you are looking for, there are different formulas for the calculation:

Variables and corresponding formulas for calculating the sizes.

Variables and corresponding formulas for calculating the sizes.

In this table you can see the application of the rule of three, which is a very simple procedure to calculate an unknown fourth quantity from three given quantities. These formulas are also the basis for the online percentage calculator on this website.

Conversion of percentages into decimal numbers

If you need to express percentages in decimal numbers, you proceed as follows: The percent sign is omitted and the number that is in front of the percent sign is simply divided by 100. In practice, you only need to move the decimal places by two to the left. In the following table you can find some examples:

Percentagedecimal number

Conversion of decimals into percentages

When converting decimals into percentages, you proceed in exactly the opposite way. The point number is multiplied by 100. In practice, you shift the point number by 2 places to the right. Then you write the percent sign behind it.

Decimal specificationPercentage