OnyX for Apple Mac: Optimizing macOS made easy

OnyX is an app for the Apple Mac with which non-obvious functions of the system and individual programs can be used and changed. The free application from Titanium Software is available for different versions of the operating system from Mac OS X 10.2 to macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). At Apfelot, OnyX is used to change hidden settings on the Mac and to use a few little things for experts, such as clearing the DNS cache at the push of a button. In the following you will find more information, screenshots and the download.

Tip: I use for system maintenance and hard disk cleaning clean my mac

The OnyX app from Titanium Software for Mac OS X and macOS helps to make configurations.
The OnyX app from Titanium Software for Mac OS X and macOS helps to make configurations.

OnyX for Mac OS X and macOS

The free OnyX app from Titanium Software offers useful setup options on the Apple Mac without registration and without harmful or annoying additional software. Whether settings and optimizations with regard to the file system, settings for effects, appearance and other behavior of individual applications or access to system aids such as memory management, network utility and color picker - there are many practical steps possible to use the Mac and your workflow on the machine can optimize. Even if it gets slower due to age, you can deactivate various effects and other unnecessary settings with OnyX in order to free up system performance.

OnyX download for Mac, iMac and MacBook

You can find the download of the app at titanium-software.fr/en/onyx.html - Everything is described there in English and you can only switch to French, but once you have downloaded OnyX, it can automatically also be used in German. The size of the download also varies depending on the operating system from macOS X 10.2 (OnyX 1.3.1) to macOS 10.13 High Sierra (OnyX 3.4.4). The first version measures only 1,2 MB while for example version 3.1.9 for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan is 33,1 MB.

Tips for installation / use

Since OnyX accesses numerous functions and options of the operating system, the appropriate administrator rights are required. Despite the fact that the application itself can be used in German, the installation help is only available in English. Therefore, here are the corresponding instructions as a translation (procedure after installation):

  1. Opens the System Settings and click on that Safety-Field 
  2. Choose the one Privacy-Tab and then click on Accessibility in the list on the left
  3. If the settings are locked, click on the lock at the bottom left and enter your password
  4. pulls out of Finder (ProgramFolder) place the OnyX symbol in the list on the right and activate the check mark 
  5. Now you can close the window

Update April 2021: In newer versions of macOS and OnyX, the assignment of rights works a little differently. If you have selected the "Security" overview via the system settings, click on the "Privacy" tab (instead of privacy) and then on "Full disk access" in the left overview. There you can set the tick for OnyX (after you have opened the lock by entering a password on the bottom left). I wish you success! :)

Update end

Screenshots of the app

Here are a few impressions of the program and the possibilities it offers (used under High Sierra):


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  1. Hi

    I installed the new operating system, what bothers me is once the stupid system font is no longer as it was before. Then I work with Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and had to find out that some PSD files can no longer be opened or even when I want to create a new document Photoshop crashes. Will there still be a solution or updates for or what can I do? Thanks in advance.


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