Open / unzip the BIN file on the Mac

Opening a BIN file on the Apple Mac is roughly the same as extracting another image directory. There are different apps and programs for Mac OS X and macOS with which you can read, view and unzip .bin files. In this guide you will find the corresponding software and an explanation of what is actually behind the format.

Open, read or unzip a BIN file on an Apple Mac - this is possible with the right software for Mac OS X or macOS.
Open, read out or unzip a BIN file on an Apple Mac - this is possible with the right software for Mac OS X or macOS.

What is a BIN file?

A BIN file with the format extension “.bin” stands for a binary file which, by definition, is not a text file but contains any bit pattern. However, it is possible that these can be interpreted as characters or entire texts. The content of the binary files can consist of processor instructions as well as various types of data - this is the case with programs, for example. In addition to other examples, BIN files are also known primarily as image directories, which like ISO images Contain files and documents or collections of values. You can get more details from Wikipedia read;)

Unzip / open .bin files

Just as for ISO, RAR, ZIP and other files, there are also various programs under macOS on the Apple Mac with which you can open, view or unzip .bin files. Here are three examples:

  • The Unarchiver: The MacPaw software not only opens BIN drive images, but also opens archives such as ZIP, RAR, GZIP and Co. Details and the free download can be found in Mac App Store
  • The Archives Browser: This program comes from the same developer as The Unarchiver, with which you can quickly and easily view BIN files and determine their content. This happens via preview without unintentionally unpacking archives. Details and download are available in App Store.
  • XustoISO: With this €5,49 Mac app, you cannot open BIN files directly, but you can open them in other images such as ISO, CDR or FLAC convert. You can also create images of CDs and DVDs in different formats to save them on the hard drive. Details in the App Store.

Other file formats in detail

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7 Responses to “Open / unzip BIN file on Mac”

  1. Best, Dolores

    Hello, I downloaded an update from Bernina to my Mac for my sewing machine. These are bin files that I am now trying to unpack so that I can load them onto the machine. I also downloaded The Unarchiver on the Mac. The bin file still cannot be opened. Can you help me?

    1. Jen Kleinholz

      Hello Dolores! Unfortunately, I have no other tip than this app. The bin format can also be burned onto a CD as a disc image. This works with the Toast software (unfortunately it costs something). Otherwise you can convert the bin file into an iso file and then you can open it. Last alternative: Send me the file (or tell me where I can download it) and I'll see what I can do. : D

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