Got OpenOffice message "Restore window" gone

Restore Open Office window dialog

I just had to get a Windows Doc in .odt format again. However, when I opened OpenOffice, it gave me the message "When trying to restore the program windows, the program ended unexpectedly. Would you like to try restoring the windows again?” is greeted. As buttons I had "Do not reopen" and "Reopen" as options. Unfortunately, every click had no reaction and the window didn't want to go away. In the end you can only get out of this endless loop with cmd-alt-esc and you have to close OpenOffice manually.

Restore Open Office window dialog
The dialog box for restoring the window and Open Office cannot be clicked away. The solution to this problem is explained here.

There seem to be different approaches to finding a solution. What has helped me, what has helped me, is this way:

First you have to get the Mac OS to see the hidden files. This works via these steps:

  • program "Port" to open
  • copy the following line and paste it in the terminal:
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE;killall Finder
  • Press enter

Now all the hidden files are visible and you follow these instructions:

  • if OpenOffice is still running, be sure to select "shutdown" via "quit immediately" after pressing Alt+cmd+esc or "quit immediately" in the apple menu
  • now switch to the Finder
  • click on the "Go" menu
  • Hold down the "alt" or "option" key and then click on "Library".
  • In the "Library" folder, look for this "Saved Application State" folder and open it
  • In this folder, look for the "org.openoffice.script.savedState" directory and delete it
  • now you can restart OpenOffice and the "window restore" window should no longer appear

So that the invisible files are hidden again in the Finder, do the following:

  • Open the Terminal program
  • copy the following line and paste it in the terminal:
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE; killall Finder
  • Press enter

I wish you all the best!





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10 Responses to "Get OpenOffice message "Restore window" gone"

  1. Thank you for this helpful information :-)
    Being an Apple novice, I couldn't do anything with the word go to "terminal
    and type in….” start.
    I immediately jumped to "Go to" then "Library", "saved Application state" and org.openoffice.script.saved state" with the delete function. Worked wonderfully even without the "terminal" :-)
    Thanks again….

    1. Well, perfect! Then you've found a more straightforward way! :)
      Without a terminal, I usually prefer ...

  2. Very good description, the first one that really got there, even if you don't know the operating system very well. Thank you, great help

  3. My salvation, have no idea of ​​such a thing. It was very simple, much easier than the help described in various forums!

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