Operate the Bresser USB microscope with macOS

Bresser USB microscope
Bresser USB microscope

Unfortunately, the USB microscope from Bresser does not come with a driver for Mac OS X. But with macam you can still get the USB eyepiece to work on your Mac (Photo: Amazon).

The Bresser company offers some interesting microscopes which, among other things, also have a USB attachment in the set with which the image of the microscope can be transferred to the computer. One of them is for example the "Bresser Biolux NV 20x-1280x", which I personally find very exciting and which I have put on my" wish list ".

It is somewhat disappointing, however, that the software supplied only runs under Windows and that Mac users have to worry about how to move the USB camera to send an image to the Mac. The problem is usually the missing driver, which is not installed. However, there are some easy ways you can still get the two devices to work together.

Update 18.10.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX: Microscope software for macOS Catalina

After macOS Catalina recently came out and removed support for 32-bit apps, many of my recommendations below for the new macOS are being dropped. However, I checked again whether there was software that was available as a 64-bit version and came across Plugable. This software manufacturer has an app in its program that also works with macOS 10.15 Catalina.

» Plugable digital viewer for the Mac

General support software for USB cameras

A free option is to open "PhotoBooth" on the Mac and try to select the USB camera that is connected to the microscope. Depending on the camera, however, the Mac may not let you select it via this web. If you get stuck with PhotoBooth, you can still do it with the Mac app "Moso"try, which is also free.


The open source project macam is a kind of USB driver for any kind of webcam that is to be used on a Mac. More and more models are supported and with a bit of luck the USB microscope will also work with this driver. If you have installed macam, you can check the function again with PhotoBooth. Here you can also find a list of cameras that are supported. Among them are, for example, these three models from Bresser currently: Bresser BioLux AL Microscope PC-Ocular, Bresser BioLux NG Microscope and Bresser Digi Tech - unfortunately my favorite Biolux NV is not included, but that does not mean that it does not work. You would actually have to try that out. If a reader owns the microscope and has got it working on the Mac, I would like to add the solution here!

If these paths are unsuccessful, there are still two apps that cost money, but may help. I would be the first to test iGlasses, because the developers seem to be working on it and there is a demo download that can be used to quickly check whether the software really helps with the current problem:


The IGlasses software enables the use of various USB cameras and also allows the image to be changed "on-the-fly", so that one can also influence the video image that is sent outside via Skype or Facetime, for example. The software costs $ 19,95. You can use them together with PhotoBooth, for example, but you should make sure that you start iGlasses first and then call up PhotoBooth. iGlasses is described by the manufacturer as compatible with Mountain Lion. I suppose it will also work with OS X Mavericks. If you want to test it, you can find a free demo download on the website.


The OS X software miXscope is appropriate as far as the title is concerned, but unfortunately it has not been further developed since 2010, so that currently only compatibility with Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 can be guaranteed. I can't promise at the moment whether it will work with younger OS X versions. The cost of the software is $ 17,95.



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  1. Ralf says:

    We bought the Bresser MicroSet 40-1024x for our daughter and wanted to run it on the Macbook Pro (Sierra). With the software CamWiz from the AppStore it works perfectly. The Bresser cam is recognized as a USB 2.0 webcam and can be selected instead of the built-in cam.

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks for the tip.
    With PhotoBooth it worked straight away.

  3. Nikita says:

    miXscope app does not work in Mac OS 10.15

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