Orangemonkie Foldio: light tent with lighting and turntable for 360 ° photos and videos

Foldio, that is an artificial word from "Fold" for fold and "Studio". So it's an easily stowable photo studio. The highlight: The Orangemonkie products that bear this name have everything you need, from background and light to turntable and app. Whether product photos, 360 ° views or a rotating effect for video - all projects can be implemented with Orangemonkie Foldio in small, medium and large. In the following I have summarized some information and details about the light tent sets and their individual parts.

Orangemonkie Foldio - Create 360 ​​° photos and videos

Maybe you know one or the other online shop that shows product images or product videos with a 360 ° view of the items on offer. Or you wonder how a rotating object could be optimally illuminated in a YouTube video and filmed with a fixed camera. The Orangemonkie Foldio models offer solutions for both of these and many other areas of application. The light tents with background in different colors, halo bar light, turntable and app can be used with a smartphone as well as with common DSLR models. Various DSLR models from Canon, Nikon, Sony and Co. can be addressed in the foldio360 app.

The Orangemonkie Foldio light tents are available in three different sizes; Foldio3 is ideal turntable and halo bars. There is also the foldio360 app for iOS and Android.
The Orangemonkie Foldio light tents are available in three different sizes; Foldio3 is ideal turntable and halo bars. There is also the foldio360 app for iOS and Android.

Foldio1 - mini photo studio for small products

The Orangemonkie Foldio1 is the smallest model in the range and has a width and height of 10 inches (25,4 cm). The parts of the foldable mini photo studio are connected by magnets. Two LED strips can be used as a lighting unit. White, gray, green and black are also available as backgrounds. The set with which you z. B. can photograph / film collectible figures, action figures, components and other smaller products are available at Amazon Germany. You can also find other, sometimes more available or cheaper offers at Amazon USA.

Foldio2 - Medium model for larger items

The Orangemonkie Foldio2 has a lot more space with side dimensions of 15 inches (38,1 cm). There are also additional lighting options for this version. The elements can also be put together using magnets. The model can be folded up to save space for transport or storage. Here, too, you can find offers from Amazon Germany use or on sets of Amazon USA fall back on.

Foldio3 - 25 inch studio with and without accessories

The Orangemonkie Foldio3 is the largest version and with a side length of 25 inches (63,5 cm) offers enough space for the Foldio 360 turntable and for the Foldio Halo Bar lights. From the foldable light tent photo box to sets with the motorized floor space to complete offers including the light bars, there are different offers. You can also buy the respective parts individually - here the turntable; and since the lighting. As before, I want you guys to both Amazon Germany as well as too Amazon USA refer.

foldio360 app for iOS and Android

The foldio360 app can be used to control the light, the light color, the turntable, a software-based background filter and more. You can also use it to create the desired product images, 360 ° recordings or videos directly with the Apple iPhone / iPad or an Android smartphone / tablet. You can also communicate with the digital camera that may be used. Details and the free download (there are in-app purchases) can be found in Apple App Store as well as in the Google Play Store.

[appbox app store id1144327537]

[appbox googleplay com.orangemonkie.foldio360]

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