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15th of June 2018

iPhone security: "Delete data after 10 login attempts" is not that dangerous

In the iOS operating system from Apple on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch there are various security options and protection features in the event of unauthorized access. In addition to the restricted USB mode that was introduced with iOS 11.4.1, there is also [...]
5. March 2018

Cleaning the Apple iPhone: Tips for cleaning your smartphone

In the trouser pocket, backpack, handbag, center shelf in the car, briefcase or sports bag - the smartphone gets around a lot and likes to take dust, lint, sand and crumbs with it everywhere. If you [...]
29. January 2018

Echo Spot: Alexa with camera and screen for the smart home

If you want to bring the Alexa voice assistant from Amazon into your house or your smart home, then you can now also buy the Echo Spot. The Amazon Echo Spot works with regard to [...]
4. January 2018

Can you use Apple AirPods on Android?

Can you use Apple AirPods on Android, for example as Bluetooth headphones for your smartphone or tablet? - You might ask yourself this question when you are toying with the wireless headphones from Cupertino, but only one [...]
29. December 2017
The Haven app from

Haven: Android app turns smartphone into a surveillance system

The new Android app Haven from The Guardian Project and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, in collaboration with Edward Snowden, aims to turn smartphones into surveillance systems. The individual sensors, cameras and microphones are used for this purpose, so that [...]
30. November 2017
Smartphone with a good camera? Here you can find the best smartphones (Android and iOS) for photos and videos. Top photo cell phones at a glance!

Smartphone with a good camera - mobile phone models presented

If you not only want to make phone calls, write messages and surf the net or use apps with a smartphone, but also want to take decent photos, then you need a cell phone with a correspondingly good camera. Just now […]
28. November 2017
iPhone 8, iPhone X, energy saving mode, save battery, save battery

iPhone Power Saving Mode: Features in power saving mode

How does the iPhone energy saving mode work and which functions are prevented when using this energy saving setting? I would like to answer these questions for you in this little guide. Because when you are out and about or when you have your charger, your power bank [...]
6. November 2017

iPhone X teardown: iFixit shows hardware of the Apple flagship

Ten years after the first real smartphone from Apple, the iPhone X recently hit the market. First presented at the Apple September Keynote 2017, it is now in the hands of users who [...]
23. October 2017
It is no coincidence that the optics of the Zendure Powerbank look like an outdoor-suitable aluminum box or a trolley from the outdoor area.

In the test: Zendure A2 Powerbank - elegant, powerful and suitable for outdoor use

For a few weeks now I have been using the Zendure A2 additional battery for my iPhone as well as for the iPad and other USB-powered devices. Should one describe the special features of this power bank from Zendure (to the company homepage) in short [...]
17. October 2017

Question: How does Amazon Prime work?

How does Amazon Prime work, how can you stream films, series and music and which advantages can you take for free? I would like to answer these and similar questions for you in this post. Because there are [...]