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18. August 2016
usb stick os x installer size post image

How big does the USB stick have to be if I want to copy the OS X installer onto it?

If you want to make a USB stick bootable and thus start the Mac in an emergency, you need a USB stick in addition to good instructions for creating the OS X stick. But not only […]
15. August 2016
Best hard drives for RAID and NAS 2016

The best hard drives for the NAS or other RAID system

If you want to set up a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) in your computer or a NAS (Network Attached Storage) as an external unit, you need reliable hard drives. But where to look when you have the best hard drives [...]
8. August 2016

Customizable Tetris lamp: colorful retro lamp for Tetris fans

The game Tetris, whether the '87 version for C64, DOS and Amiga, the one that came out in '88 for Apple II, Apple Macintosh and the NEC PC or the most popular edition that was released in '89 for [...]
3. August 2016
FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for the iPhone

FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera: A real thermal imaging camera for iOS devices

If you try to find heat sources with an app and your smartphone camera, you will quickly realize that this is not really possible. That's why there is the FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for iPhone and iPad. This will [...]
28 JULY 2016
Apple iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 wish list: If Apple asked you about the features, what would you answer?

Whether Apple will say "iPhone 7" about its new smartphone flagship has not yet been confirmed 100 percent. Until the publication, it was not really clear what the iPhone SE should be called.
18 JULY 2016
Amazon Video content on memory card

Amazon Prime and Amazon Video content can now also be saved on an SD card

Streaming offers are arguably the best thing that has happened to movie and series fans after hard drive receivers in recent years and decades. To be honest, I myself no longer have "normal television" and only use Amazon Prime Video, [...]
23. October 2015
aXbo sleep phase alarm clock set for couples

Advantages and disadvantages of different sleep phase alarm clocks in comparison

Sleep phase alarm clocks promise to only wake the user when he is in a light sleep phase. To do this, you set the wake-up time at which you have to get up the latest or you can choose a time period (for example 30 [...]
6. October 2015
iPhone 6s benchmark test results

Benchmark tests confirm: iPhone 6s is way ahead of the competition

Receive, read, calculate, write and save data; A smartphone must be able to do all of this in order to be able to offer its repertoire of services and functions. The faster the individual services are provided, the smoother the performance [...]
4. October 2015
Plantronics Voyager Headset Pack

Test report: Plantronics "Voyager Legend" Bluetooth headset on the iPhone 6

In the search for the perfect Bluetooth headset, functionality, voice quality, battery life and hands-free operation play a major role for me. In terms of optics, I wasn't particularly determined and since I only use the headset at home anyway
22. September 2015
Mailbox Pro shutdown confirmation

Deactivating Mailbox Pro: This is how you deactivate call forwarding to the mobile mailbox on T-Mobile D1

After I switched to T-Mobile D1, the mailbox on my cell phone was of course active again. After a certain period of time, all calls are diverted to "Mobilbox Pro" - as T-Mobile calls the answering machine for the mobile phone number. [...]