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17. March 2014
Development of communication from Ay Yildiz

Ay Yildiz is revolutionizing communication

How did the people talk in front of It was a long way to go before the telephone was invented in 1876. In the times before ayyildiz, people communicated with smoke signals and carrier pigeons until the legendary [...]
8. November 2013
Lumia 925 fast charger

Despite the tense business situation, Nokia still has the muse for jokes

I'm sorry if I sound a little sarcastic here, but when I look at the report on the Nokia blog and see that people really believe that this is not supposed to be a joke, then I really know [...]
1. November 2013
Buy used iPhone 5

Buy used iPhone 5

The used price of the iPhone 5 fell significantly after the market launch of the 5s and 5c. Just before Christmas you could get such a nice bargain. With the iPhone 5, however, there are a few points which
20. September 2013
iPhone mobile data network for

Mobile data network: iPhone settings for

Regardless of whether iPhone 4s, 5, 5c or 5s: If you want to use the Internet with on the go, you have to make the appropriate settings on the [iPhone-> iphone] under "Settings> General> Network> Mobile data network", because [ ...]
26 JULY 2013
Withings Pulse

Buy the Withings Pulse on Amazon

The Withings Pulse fitness tracker is available in Germany from Amazon - or can currently still be pre-ordered. In contrast to the [fitness armbands-> fitness armband], the Withings Pulse is attached to the belt with a clip or can simply be inserted into […]
April 3, 2013
Additional battery for the Galaxy SII

Inexpensive replacement battery for the Samsung Galaxy S2

One can argue whether one would prefer to use the original manufacturer's battery or a replica. Ultimately, however, you always pay a certain surcharge for the name at the manufacturer. And if the cheap battery has the same [...]
17. December 2012
Icon glossary


The manufacturer Xubix (which apparently does not have its own homepage) has specialized in accessories for the iPhone, the Amazon Kindle and the Samsung Galaxy. The battery covers for the Samsung [...] are particularly popular with customers.