Apple devices and company news

13. May 2021
Replace AirPods battery

Changing the battery in the AirPods: a video guide and why changing the battery is not worthwhile ...

A few years ago I misplaced my AirPods (1st generation) around the house. After a few weeks I gave up looking and ordered the 2nd generation AirPods. When rummaging through a moving box, I am [...]
9. May 2021
Apple M1X chip

That's how fast the new Apple M1X / M2 processor will be

I read reports in Medium here and there and today I stumbled upon an interesting article by Robert C., which explains what performance can be expected from the upcoming processor from Apple. I have […]
April 14, 2021

Apple event confirmed - how to find the live stream!

Yesterday, Siri instigated a rumor that the next Apple Special Event will take place on April 20, 2021. Meanwhile, Apple has confirmed the rumors. Nothing else was to be expected, since Siri did not [...]
25. March 2021

Apple highlights the "Ceramic Shield" display in new iPhone 12 advertising

Apple has published a new commercial primarily about the "Ceramic Shield" display used in the iPhone 12 series. In the 30 second short video we see a woman who is on the phone and who [...]
28. February 2021
AirPods Pro left / right quieter than on the other side

AirPods Pro quieter on the right than on the left - or vice versa

Over the past few days I've had an unfamiliar problem with the AirPods Pro: Whenever I listened to music or podcasts, the right earbud was quieter than the left. At first I thought I [...]
27. February 2021
Book tip: iCloud and Apple ID from Anton Ochsenkühn

Book tip: "iCloud & Apple-ID" by Anton Ochsenkühn

I have to admit, the new edition of Anton Ochsenkühn's book about iCloud and the Apple ID is just what I'm looking for. I basically know what iCloud does and what you need an Apple ID for, but [...]
31. December 2020

Jony Ive: The Apple design genius

With “Jony Ive: The Apple Design Genius”, Leander Kahney provided a biography of the then Apple employee and chief designer of the Cupertino group in 2014. On 368 pages and in 13 chapters there are biographical details as well as [...]
24. December 2020

Steve Jobs: The Authorized Bio of the Apple Founder

With "Steve Jobs: The Authorized Biography of the Apple Founder" Walter Isaacson has published the first and only work that not only traces Steve Jobs' life, but was also fueled with information by himself. The bestseller appeared [...]
19. November 2020
Functionality and security with Apple Pay

Apple Pay under the microscope - functionality and security (sponsor)

The iPhone or the smartwatch are replacing the wallet for more and more people. Instead of carrying around cash and counting it or handing over the plastic card at the cash register, the app is sufficient to make payments quickly, contactlessly and thus before [...]