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17. March 2017
Error message: The iPhone cannot be used because it needs a newer version of iTunes Solution Help Instructions Backup from iTunes or iCloud

Error message: The iPhone cannot be used because it requires a newer version of iTunes

When connecting to the Mac or PC, when trying to upload an old backup or when trying to synchronize the music library, you get the error message The iPhone cannot be used because it has a newer iTunes [...]
10. March 2017
AirPlay Alternative Download AirParrot Download Download Demo Full Version Price App for Mac before 2011 2010

AirParrot 2: AirPlay from Mac to Apple TV also for older Macs (before 2011)

Stream the screen from the Mac to the Apple TV or another device with AirPlay, this only works with Apple Mac computers from the models Mid 2011; with AirParrot 2 but also through older Apple [...]
3. March 2017
Safe emptying of Mac Recycle Bin: Alternative CleanMyMac Shredder, macOS Sierra 10.12, OS X El Capitan 10.11, overwrite files do not restore, delete forever, remove permanently

Safe emptying of the Mac trash: Alternative CleanMyMac 3 other solutions for OS X and macOS

Since OS X El Capitan 10.11, Apple has dispensed with the Safe Empty Trash option in the operating system for Mac and MacBook. So if you use El Capitan or macOS Sierra, you tend to be more likely to be able to delete deleted files [...]
27. February 2017
Use multiple speakers at the same time with AirPlay, guide, manual, Apple support, the best AirPlay speakers, list

Stream music to multiple speakers using AirPlay from iTunes

With AirPlay you can stream content from your Mac, iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices to AirPlay-certified receiving devices such as speakers. Here I want to show you briefly how you can use AirPlay to play music on multiple devices [...]
24. February 2017
Best Steve Jobs Movie, Apple Documentary, Bill Gates, Ashton Kutcher, Michael Fassbender, 2015, 2016

Steve Jobs Film: Which strip portrays the Apple founder best?

From The Silicon Valley Story to JOBS or Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine to Steve Jobs, probably the most famous Steve Jobs film, there are a few (and many more) films that […]
20. February 2017
Context Apple quarterly stock price; Dependency quarterly report Apple stock price when to buy?

Apple stock: quarterly results and share price related

The quarterly figures from Apple make new headlines every three months, but most of the attention is regularly due to the quarterly reports Q1 from Apple; and so a lot has been said about the quarterly figures Q1 [...]
8. February 2017
NVRAM reset, PRAM reset, SMC reset, instructions, Apple Mac, MacBook

Instructions: NVRAM, PRAM and SMC reset on Mac - reset to solve problems

Here you can find instructions for resetting or resetting NVRAM, PRAM and SMC on the Apple Mac or MacBook. Many problems that arise when using the Apple Mac can be solved with [...]
8. February 2017
APFS FAQ 9 facts Apple File System new file system questions answers

APFS: 9 facts you need to know about Apple's new file system (FAQ)

The large company from Cupertino has already released its Apple File System for developers under the acronym APFS. For WWDC 2017 or at the latest for September Keynote 2017, the new file system will then be used on Mac, MacBook, iPhone, [...]
2. February 2017
Apple MacBook Pro 2016 review test report experiences experience report 2017

The MacBook Pro 2016 in the test by iMore: experience after 3 months of use

The advantages, disadvantages and critical elements of the MacBook Pro 2016 version have been there since February 1, 2017 in a review by Rene Ritchie on After 3 months of use, specific test of individual functions [...]