Apple devices and company news

14. September 2021
iPhone 13 pre-order appointment

iPhone 13 - Dates for pre-order and delivery

The keynote is over and many are now probably pondering whether to get a new iPhone 13 (mini / Pro / Pro Max) or not. I'm also undecided myself, but as Sir Apfelot I almost have to [...]
1. September 2021

LEO and X60 - Will satellite telephony be possible with the iPhone 13?

With the Apple iPhone 13, will an iOS smartphone be launched this year that meets the hardware requirements for satellite telephony? That could be the case if you believe current rumors. These do not come from anyone, but [...]
12. August 2021

Date of the Apple iPhone Keynote 2021 (rumor)

The iPhone 13 is just around the corner, and the guesswork about the date of the official presentation begins. What day is the Apple iPhone Keynote 2021? Some [...]
10. August 2021

macOS 13 Mammoth - This is what the next but one Mac operating system could look like

With macOS 12 Monterey, Apple is releasing a new operating system for Mac, iMac, MacBook, Mac mini, Mac Pro and Co. this fall. But before that happens, ideas for publication in the next [...]
9. August 2021

Apple September Keynote 2021 - All the products we expect

The fact that Apple is launching the iPhone 13 this year can almost be set in stone. But which devices and which accessories will the technology giant still present? What can we do at the September keynote [...]
2. August 2021

Apple Developer System Status: Service availability for developers

With the Apple System Status you can see which Apple services are currently available, which are currently having problems and which are offline. You can find a post with all explanations of the Apple system status with this [...]
28 JULY 2021

Apple iPadOS 2019 presented - what has happened so far?

Apple introduced the iPadOS operating system for its tablet division, i.e. the iPad models, in 2019. This is based on the iPhone operating system iOS, which was previously used for both devices. With iPadOS in 2019 came new [...]
20 JULY 2021

Update for macOS Catalina and Mojave on the Apple Mac

Apple has rolled out an update for various devices and systems. There is also one for older operating systems such as macOS 10.14 Mojave and macOS 10.15 Catalina. The security update is mainly intended to address a security vulnerability in the Safari web browser [...]
15 JULY 2021

Today at Apple: Professional mentoring and videos for the home

Back in June, Apple announced that it would bring young people and professional creatives together around the world with the “Today at Apple Creative Studios” program in order to facilitate an exchange of knowledge. Well there is good news for everyone who [...]
13. May 2021
Replace AirPods battery

Changing the battery in the AirPods: a video guide and why changing the battery is not worthwhile ...

A few years ago I misplaced my AirPods (1st generation) around the house. After a few weeks I gave up looking and ordered the 2nd generation AirPods. When rummaging through a moving box, I am [...]