Apple devices and company news

30. January 2017
Password for Mac: Firmware Password for macOS Sierra made up of letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

macOS firmware password: PW against unauthorized access to Mac and MacBook

The Apple operating system macOS for Mac, iMac, MacBook (Pro) and so on offers with the firmware password a good possibility to completely seal off the computer against unauthorized access when booting. Because the Mac is [...]
26. January 2017
Make hidden files and folders visible under macOS Sierra on the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook with a simple key combination / shortcut with CMD shift and dot key.

macOS Sierra: Show hidden files with keyboard shortcut

If you want to display hidden files under macOS Sierra 10.12, you don't necessarily need a tool like Onyx or TinkerTool, just a simple key combination. The shortcut consisting of the command key, the shift key and the period [...]
25. January 2017
Apple patent for Apple Watch and electronic components, modules and components in the bracelet or link bracelet, January 2017

New Apple patent: Apple Watch 3 makes the link bracelet en vogue again

Yesterday, Tuesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office Apple approved a new patent for the Apple Watch, which deals with smart links for the wristband of the watch. If the [...]
20. January 2017
Siri macOS Sierra 10.12 Mac MacBook Commands and Questions List Voice Assistant Apple

Using Siri on macOS 10.12 Sierra on Mac and MacBook - commands and questions

You can use the Siri voice assistant under macOS 10.12 Sierra on Mac, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and so on. Apple also provides plenty of material on its official support pages. Because you can [...]
19. January 2017
In 2017, Apple will replace the HFS Plus file system with APFS in macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS.

Apple File System: APFS file system to replace HFS + in 2017 (from macOS Sierra 10.12)

At WWDC 2016, Apple presented its new APFS file system, which is intended to replace the HFS Plus that is currently in use. In the course of 2017, the Apple File System could now replace HFS +. Which […]
18. January 2017

Apple: MFi program for the certification of iPhone, iPad and iPod accessories

The abbreviation MFi from Apple stands for "Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod" and refers to accessories that can be used with the mobile devices from Cupertino; like Lightning cables. Is a cable [...]
13. January 2017
Thunderbolt 3, USB C 3.1, VGA, HDMI, 40 GBit / s, 4K display, 5K monitor, data transfer

Thunderbolt 3: Apple interface for USB C, video, data, power and all kinds of gadgets

Thunderbolt 3 is the third generation of the interface developed by Apple and Intel, which in its current form (e.g. on the MacBook Pro 2016) is not only compatible with USB C (USB 3.1), but also [...]
12. January 2017
Connect AirPods to the iPhone and solve pairing problems or reset the AirPods to factory settings - this is how it works! (Image source:

How-to: reset Apple AirPods and fix connection issues

In a recently published help article, Apple shows how you can connect the AirPods to devices running iOS 10.2 or newer, watchOS 3 or newer, or macOS Sierra or newer. Also what you can do when [...]
6. January 2017

New macOS 10.13 for Apple Mac, iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro in 2017

The new macOS 10.13 for Apple devices shouldn't be long in coming in 2017; "Death Valley", "Napa Valley" and so on, the next version of macOS is already being used by some [...]
6. January 2017
January 1, 2017 was the day with the highest sales in the Apple App Store to date. Image source: Apple App Store

New Year 2017 was the best-selling day in the Apple App Store so far

The Apple App Store is in its ninth year of existence and has become a hub for billions of US dollars during this time. In 2016, for example, the developers received [...]