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4. January 2017

Outlet, Coconut Battery and more: restore MacBook battery life

With the update to macOS Sierra 10.12.2 on December 13, 2016, Apple removed the battery life display from the MacBook, also because it does not always work accurately (e). With apps like Outlet or Coconut Battery as well as on [...]
23. December 2016
Oversight Security App Mac Objective-See Camera Microphone Monitor Access Mac Apple Over Sight

Oversight: Monitor camera and microphone for free (+ other free Mac apps)

Oversight from Objective-See is a program with which you can keep an eye on the microphone and camera access on your Mac. Unlike Micro Snitch, Oversight is completely free. In addition, the developer offers on its website [...]
23. December 2016

Protect Mac and network: Micro Snitch and Little Snitch for monitoring access

Micro Snitch and Little Snitch for the Mac: Even the Apple Mac, the iMac, the MacBook and so on, although they come from Apple, are not completely safe from outside influences. If you monitor [...]
22. December 2016
Add macOS emojis to text E-mail program Keyboard shortcut Select smileys Mac

Insert emojis on your Mac: App and shortcuts for macOS emoji search

For example, if you want to insert an emoji in an email, there are different ways of doing this on the iMac, MacBook and so on with macOS. Here I want to give you an app as well as an already [...]
21. December 2016
Read out iPhone IMEI, find iPad serial number, iPod, iTunes, backup

Find out iPhone IMEI and serial number, even without an active Apple device

The serial number or IMEI of the iPhone is required for support inquiries and some other situations. Therefore it is not entirely unimportant to know where to find these numbers. Of course, this is possible in the system of
20. December 2016

Find my Phone: Documentation about cell phone theft, location and remote monitoring

Find my Phone: Find my iPhone is a useful service if your Apple smartphone is lost, stolen or otherwise lost. There are similar services and monitoring software for Android devices that are not entirely legal, [...]
14. December 2016
Apple AirPods review test report German experiences field report Rene Ritchie iMore Image source:

AirPods in the test: detailed experience report on the wireless Apple headphones

Rene Ritchie from iMore had the opportunity to subject the AirPods from Apple to a test, the report of which ended up being quite extensive. Here I would like to share with you the highlights of the experience report on the Apple AirPods [...]
12. December 2016
Apple Fusion Drive - HDD and SSD hard drive combined

Coupling Apple HDD and SSD: Create Fusion Drive yourself (step by step instructions with pictures)

The advantages of Apple's Fusion Drive, with which an HDD and an SSD can be combined to achieve faster read and write values, can be found here. At the end of the article, instructions were also given [...]
8. December 2016
Buy cheap USB-C adapters online at Amazon for MacBook Pro 2016 or smartphones and tablets. Product images: Amazon

Inexpensive USB-C adapter for MacBook Pro late 2016, smartphone and tablet

With the new MacBook Pro, Apple relies on the USB-C connection, making adapters and dongles for connecting USB-A plugs (up to 3.0 or 3.1) without an alternative. If you are looking for a cheap [...]
6. December 2016
Conceptual image of an Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar for the iMac or Mac Pro. It remains to be seen whether the keyboard with Touch Bar will become a reality. Image source:

Apple Magic Keyboard: will the keyboard come with Touch Bar for iMac and Mac Pro?

The Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro from Apple inspires fans of the Cupertino-based manufacturer to assume that there will be a keyboard for iMac and Mac Pro including OLED strips. How about imgur and reddit [...]