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19. May 2014
WWDC 2014

WWDC date 2014: The rumor mill is seething ...

The World Wide Developer Conference 2014 will take place this year from June 2 to 6, 2014 - in San Francisco, of course. The tickets for this technology event from Apple are new every year [...]
3. November 2013
Father Microsoft

Father Microsoft ...

Father Microsoft Father Microsoft that you are sanctified on the hard drive be your Windows your update come your bugfix take place like in Windows so also in Office Our daily Bing give us today and forgive [...]
1. November 2013
Space gray

Space gray

Space gray is the new black! After Apple launched a new name creation with the iPhone 5s, the term "space gray" or "space gray" has become very popular. The iPad Mini is now [...]
25. October 2013

AirPlay: What it offers and alternatives to it

AirPlay is a transmission standard that was developed by Apple to send music, videos or other content to an AppleTV or airplay-enabled device. You can use it to transfer your music from your iPhone or iPod to an airplay-enabled [...]
22. October 2013
Apple iPad Air

iPad Air

The new iPad Air: even thinner, even lighter, even less edge and therefore lengths faster than the old version of the iPad. With the iPad Air, Apple has succeeded in another small stroke of genius and they [...]
21. August 2013
Icon glossary

Apple - who or what is it?

What is apple I could write “My religion!” Now, but no, I'm not one of those overzealous Apple disciples who often give the public the impression that Apple is a sect and [Steve Jobs-> steve-jobs] is their head guru. [...]
23. January 2013

Retina display

The term "retina display" is a marketing term used by Apple to describe their displays that can display a particularly high number of pixels per inch. In the first [Apple Keynote-> keynote], in which the [...]