Apple devices and company news

3th of June 2019

The Apple WWDC 2019 Keynote - Brief Summary

Apple launched its annual World Wide Developers Conference today, June 3, 2019. As part of this there was of course another keynote addressing the latest innovations for iOS, watchOS, tvOS and [...]
15. May 2019

Apple exchange program - here you can find the current repair offers

Whenever Apple starts and runs an exchange, recall, take-back, repair or service program, there is an official information page about it. But how do you find out about new programs if they are not causing a stir and through [...]
April 9, 2019

Apple iPad Air 3 (2019) teardown from iFixit reveals tablet internals

As reported a few days ago, iFixit took apart the current iPad mini, among other things. Various technical data such as the 3 GB RAM and the 5.124 mAh battery with 19,32 Wh came to light. [...]
April 3, 2019

iPad mini 5 (2019) teardown from iFixit reveals technical data

Apple likes to hold back with its devices with regard to technical data such as RAM, battery capacity and the like. However, the repair helpers from iFixit regularly disassemble the most varied of devices, evaluate the possibility of repair and show [...]
27. March 2019

The Apple iCloud costs - that's how much you pay for the Apple Cloud

If you set up an iCloud account and thus use the storage of the Apple Cloud, you get 5 GB of storage space free of charge. This can be used for photos, videos, documents, contacts, messages and more. But if this memory is not enough [...]
26. March 2019

Apple Card - Apple Pay now with your own credit card

At yesterday's It's show time keynote from Apple in the Steve Jobs Theater, according to the title, it was not just about entertainment and media. Other services were also addressed. Among them was, for example, Apple Pay, [...]
22. March 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 12 2019

It's the Friday before the eagerly anticipated “It's show time” keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park in Cupertino. And to this day, numerous reports about Apple have been collected. Next […]
22. March 2019

Apple and the charging cable gate - my opinion on it ...

The EU, however much it is criticized for some things, advocates international solutions in many modern questions. This also applies to technical developments and solutions in order to make them understandable [...]
21. March 2019

Small buying advice: which Apple iMac is right for me?

This week Apple introduced new iMac models in addition to new iPad models for 2019 and the AirPods 2. There is now even the option of using an Apple iMac Pro with 256 GB of RAM and 4 TB [...]
20. March 2019

Three steps backwards: what Apple is doing wrong with the new iPads

Apple recently released the new iPad Air 2019 and the new iPad mini 2019. New devices naturally put every fanboy and every fangirl into euphoria. But if you take a look at the aforementioned hardware newbies [...]