Apple devices and company news

19. March 2019

Apple iPad mini (5th generation, 2019) - Technical details, pictures and price

With the slogan “Made for big things”, Apple has released its new iPad mini with a 7,9 inch display. The Apple iPad mini 2019 is - just like the new iPad Air - with an A12 Bionic Chip [...]
14. March 2019

Download list: Installer from old macOS and OS X versions

If you want to equip your old Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook with its original operating system or if you want to get an old collector's item working again after repairs, you need an appropriate installer. The installation file [...]
11. March 2019

USB-C on the iPad Pro 2018: what is currently possible and what is not

The iPad Pro 2018 is the first Apple tablet that has a USB-C connector instead of a Lightning port. This increases the connectivity and the number of possible uses of the device considerably. But which peripherals, which accessories and which gadgets [...]
27. February 2019

Apple WWDC 2019: date, ticket price and what to expect

The upcoming Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) will - that is almost certain - take place in San Jose from June 3rd to 7th, 2019. Beyond the WWDC 2019 date, there are [...]
12. February 2019

Why you shouldn't install antivirus software on your Mac

Antivirus software on the Mac or anti-malware apps on macOS are not required. In this post I would like to show you why this is the case and how I have been using Apple computers for over 20 years without me [...]
12. December 2018
Certainly not BFF (best friends forever), but I hope the customers can manage it (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Apple Pay launched in Germany - Sparkasse not included ...

I went to my iPhone this morning with joy and grabbed the credit card to finally be able to try Apple Pay (here are instructions on how to set it up). Unfortunately, the iPhone has my [...]
4. December 2018

Delete key on Mac keyboard - key combination simulates "Remove"

In some cases you also need the Delete key on the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook, which is abbreviated as Del on Windows and other keyboards. In word processing, spreadsheets, image or video editing as well as [...]
27. November 2018

Apple Pay Germany - These banks are there!

Apple Pay in Germany is now slowly rolling out; I have already shown you in a guide how you can set up Apple Pay for iPhone and Apple Watch. But it is also important to [...]
23. November 2018
The macOS Mojave debacle - what can go wrong ...

macOS Mojave Debacle - A reader's testimonial

While the update from High Sierra to macOS Mojave was relatively unspectacular for me and caused me few problems, it didn't go quite as well for other readers. In the article with the most common [...]
6. November 2018

Manage SSD storage: Activate TRIM command under macOS

There are good reasons why you should activate the TRIM command for third-party SSDs under macOS. On the one hand, the access times get worse and worse after long use, on the other hand, macOS sometimes refuses to upgrade [...]