Apps for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows

1. December 2021

CalcTape - Comprehensive calculation app with a full calculation path overview (Pick of KW48)

CalcTape for macOS and other operating systems is a calculation app with more than just simple calculator functions. Comments can be inserted in the invoice, the entire calculation process can be understood and individual points with automatic reworking of the subsequent invoices [...]
23. November 2021

What is the ScummVM and how does it work?

The ScummVM is a "virtual machine" that makes it possible to run old adventure video games on platforms for which they were not actually made. Modern computers, but also computers with other operating systems or game consoles [...]
22. November 2021

Surfshark Black Friday Deal: VPN for two years for only € 1,91 a month

As part of Black Friday 2021, the VPN service Surfshark is offering its software at a great discount. Instead of charging 10,99 euros per month, the current deal only charges 1,91 euros. You come to the offer [...]
10. November 2021

5 app recommendations in November 2021

Since the middle of this year we have been giving you five app recommendations for macOS on the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook on the 10th of each month. Also for today we have interesting, practical and inexpensive programs for you [...]
3. November 2021

Apple Retina Display - Which versions are there?

For several years now, Apple has been using the so-called "Retina Display" for the screens of its products. This is intended to ensure on the respective device that the users cannot see any individual pixels at the usual distance. So [...]
2. November 2021

Apple Configurator 2: Make a "dead" Intel Mac with T2 chip usable again

Especially after the release of a new "Monterey" macOS system from Apple, there are increasing reports of Macs that apparently have not been able to cope with the upgrade. After a macOS update (within the same major version) or after a macOS upgrade (advancement [...]
29. October 2021
5 apps for everyday life

Five useful apps for everyday life (ad)

Have you ever wondered why there is no app? We neither! It seems as if there is now an app for everything possible that is there if you ever have a small problem [...]
28. October 2021

Move WhatsApp with all messages to a new iPhone

If you want to take the WhatsApp app with you from one iPhone to another, there are different approaches. Moving WhatsApp with all messages to a new iPhone is of course easiest if the app and the ones in it [...]
27. October 2021
grsyncx - Mac GUI for rsync

grsyncx - Mac GUI for rsync allows beginners to synchronize folders

The rsync tool can be found on Linux and Unix systems - and thus also on macOS. It is extremely useful if you want to synchronize two folders - even on different computers. Even if beginners who [...]