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10. March 2021

Delete all tweets from a Twitter account: Here's how!

The short message platform Twitter has been inviting people to exchange ideas on a wide variety of topics since 2006. You write tweets, retweet entries from others and leave comments under the contributions of users. Over time there will come [...]
9. March 2021

Mac Instructions: Disable Tab Preview in Safari

If you have several tabs open in a current version of the Apple web browser Safari on the Mac, the respective website is displayed as a small preview when you hover over a tab with the mouse cursor. Maybe that annoys you or [...]
3. March 2021

Control the Keynote presentation with the iPhone: Here's how!

If you have prepared a Keynote presentation on your Mac, you don't have to click through the slides with the mouse during the presentation. Furthermore, if you want to move freely during your presentation, you don't need a Bluetooth remote control [...]
2. March 2021

Instructions: Select the EU server location at pCloud + raffle for a lifetime account (sponsor)

With pCloud, a provider of cloud storage, you can choose whether your files and folders should be stored on servers in the European Union or the USA. Due to data protection, it is of course recommended to use the server [...]
1. March 2021

Chrome is Bad: How “Keystone” from the Google browser slows down the Mac

The fact that Google's Chrome web browser slows down computers has already become a meme for both Mac and PC users. But why is that so? And what slows down the Mac, even if you [...]
25. February 2021

Skylum Spring Sale: Luminar and Aurora software until 28.02/XNUMX cheaper

Skylum is launching a short winter sale today to celebrate the rebellious spring. As part of this, you get Luminar AI, Aurora HDR and Luminar X with great discounts. You save up to 40 euros per software, [...]
21. February 2021

NordVPN birthday - 68% discount and up to 2 years bonus subscription (sponsor)

It's NordVPN's birthday and you get the gifts! Because for the anniversary, the provider of “Virtual Private Network” services is not only distributing a discount of up to 68%, but also free extensions. If you take advantage of these savings offers [...]
19. February 2021

Make sports bets on your smartphone from anywhere (sponsor)

Sport brings many people together, especially such widely celebrated sports as football. Since the outcome of a game is usually not certain beforehand or until the last minute, early on in sports history [...]
18. February 2021

Mp3tag - Official Mac release in the App Store

After more than 20 years of development and support for the Windows version of Mp3tag, the app is officially coming to the Mac App Store for the first time. Before that, it could already be emulated under macOS [...]
17. February 2021

2D animation on Mac and PC - 5 free apps in comparison

Cartoons, anime, animated cartoons, GIFs, and many other types of 2D animation are more popular than ever. Even the content of YouTube channels with several million subscribers partly “only” consists of videos with animated digital drawings. That only" […]