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17. February 2021

Diagrams 2.0 Macaw - New version of the diagrams app

Version 2.0 of the overview and diagram app Diagrams is available today. This is not only optimized for compatibility with macOS Big Sur and M1-Macs, but also brings new features. So [...]
15. February 2021

Web tip: Find an app's official download page

When looking for a program that is not available in the Mac App Store, it is easy to get lost. Especially popular apps like Audacity or GIMP often call fraudsters to [...]
15. February 2021

Radio Garden - Interactive globe with worldwide radio stations

Don't you want to start the day with the same playlist or the radio station with the same rotation? Then Radio Garden could provide the right variety! The website and app offer a […]
11. February 2021

Apple lexicon "Mactracker" up to date

Mactracker 1 is compatible with M7.10.3 Macs as well as with additional Apple devices in the database. The current version, which was released free of charge by developer Ian Page for macOS, iOS and iPadOS, is now not only available with [...]
9. February 2021

Controlly App - control Apple Mac with game controller

With Controlly, the developer Hugo Lispector offers an app for the Apple Mac that enables Bluetooth controllers to control it. For example, the PS4 and Xbox controllers can be paired via Bluetooth and the individual analog sticks, [...]
8. February 2021

IINA 1.2.0 - video and media player optimized for M1 chips

The media player app IINA is considered the best VLC alternative and has been available free of charge for the Apple Mac for a long time. After the VLC Player version 3.0.12 / was released in January 2021 for the M1 chip from […]
5. February 2021

Corona warning app - soon on iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus

The update to version 1.12 for the Corona warning app will be rolled out next week. The update announced for February 10, 2021 not only brings new functions, but also the possibility to use the app on older Apple smartphones [...]
4. February 2021

Affinity 1.9 - Free update and free content

The developers of Serif have rolled out version 1.9 for the Affinity programs (Photo, Designer and Publisher). The update is available to all users free of charge. After updating Affinity Photo, I also saw that [...]
3. February 2021

Burn: Burn CDs and DVDs on Mac

There are many different programs for burning DVDs and CDs on the Mac. These include some very good paid apps. However, there is a good free alternative with Burn. The Burn App, which is available from macOS 10.9 [...]
2. February 2021
Alldoro Lexi illuminated globe in the test

In the test: the smart “Lexi” 3D illuminated globe from alldoro

A few weeks ago I tested a globe that can display additional information on the iPhone or iPad with the AR function: the Shifu Orboot. This globe, however, was very rudimentary in terms of the imprint and not with [...]