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3. February 2021

Burn: Burn CDs and DVDs on Mac

There are many different programs for burning DVDs and CDs on the Mac. These include some very good paid apps. However, there is a good free alternative with Burn. The Burn App, which is available from macOS 10.9 [...]
2. February 2021
Alldoro Lexi illuminated globe in the test

In the test: the smart “Lexi” 3D illuminated globe from alldoro

A few weeks ago I tested a globe that can display additional information on the iPhone or iPad with the AR function: the Shifu Orboot. This globe, however, was very rudimentary in terms of the imprint and not with [...]
1. February 2021

Export WhatsApp chat: function available again in Germany!

WhatsApp has reactivated the "Export Chat" function for users in Germany. That means you can easily summarize and save the entire WhatsApp chat history as a .zip file. It can be used with various tools on the [...]
28. January 2021

WhatsApp Web: Soon only usable with Touch ID or Face ID

As various sources report, the WhatsApp messenger's browser tool called “WhatsApp Web” will soon only work with requests for biometric security data. But do not worry, you do not need your [...]
26. January 2021
ExifRenamer: Rename photos with Exif date

ExifRenamer: Rename photo files according to the EXIF ​​date

I have just discovered - while researching a reader question in the forum - a small, practical tool for the Mac that is particularly suitable for people who have their photos with their own folder structure [...]
20. January 2021

Stream YouTube Video Using VLC - Here's How!

With the VLC Player, a wide variety of media can be played on the Apple Mac, Windows PC, Linux, iOS and Android. Not only audio and video files are included, but also disc images, FLAC audios and network content. [...]
20. January 2021

Affinity apps 90 days free + 50% discount

The developers of Serif have renewed a test and discount campaign due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to this you can test Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher for 90 days free of charge. In addition, the prices of all [...]
19. January 2021

VLC Player 3.0.12 - Optimization also for Macs with M1 chip

The VLC Player, probably one of the most popular free playback apps for various media, is available in version 3.0.12. This is supposed to fix some bugs and optimize the macOS version for M1-Macs and Big Sur. In addition, disturbances [...]
18. January 2021

Export WhatsApp chats and contacts

As you can already read here in the blog, new WhatsApp terms and conditions will come into force on February 8, 2021, which include data transfer to Facebook. This is why many users are currently migrating to WhatsApp alternatives. If you too have your [...]