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15. January 2021

WhatsApp alternative: switch due to terms and conditions, but where to?

Anyone who still uses WhatsApp, one of the Facebook Group's messenger apps, is currently informed of the new terms and conditions. These come into force on February 8, 2021 and enable extensive data transfer. WhatsApp is thus connected to the platforms [...]
14. January 2021

Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller - How to Remove Flash on Mac and PC

Adobe no longer supports Flash Player since January 1, 2021, which is why there are no more updates. Flash content has also been actively blocked since January 12, 2021. That has been the case for a long time by many browsers [...]
14. January 2021
Adjust the font size in the Photoshop font preview

Photoshop: Increase font size in font preview

Every now and then I have a handy tip for Photoshop that I would like to share with you. In this case it is something that I have to google again and again when I come across a [...]
7. January 2021 Create mockup videos in iPhone devices from screen recordings

If you need a video for an advertisement, a social media post or your website in which something is happening on an iPhone display, can help you. You can use the website for free with some restrictions [...]
5. January 2021

Affinity Publisher: Workbook and Manuals

With Affinity Publisher from Serif there is an affordable app for desktop publishing (DTP) that competitors such as B. Adobe InDesign can certainly compete. If you want to implement your ideas with the software, then [...]
4. January 2021

Mac image editing software Pixelmator Pro 2 optimized for M1 chip

The Mac app Pixelmator Pro for photo and image editing under macOS has been optimized for working with the M2020 chip since November 1. This comes in the current 13-inch models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as well as in the [...]
31. December 2020 - Logo Maker and Mockups - Create logo and mockup in the browser

Before I discovered, I used "mockuuups" for years when I made post images for my blog posts. When it came to software problems on the Mac or iPhone, I picked out an appropriate template and then [...]
29. December 2020

Mac Instructions: Editing Word and Pages Dictionaries

Accidentally added a misspelled word to the Microsoft Word or Apple Pages dictionary? Do you want to delete the wrong entry so that the spelling is displayed as incorrect again, i.e. underlined in red? [...]
25. December 2020

Tim Cook: The genius that continues Apple's success story

With "Tim Cook: The genius that continues Apple's success story", Leander Kahney provided a kind of biography about the current Apple boss in 2019. After reading the official Steve Jobs biography, the content of this book may seem a bit [...]
19. December 2020
Senstroke sensors in the test

Senstroke sensors in the test: drums without drums, but on pillows and bananas

The manufacturer Redison has had a virtual drum set on the market for some time, which consists of sensors for the drumsticks and feet as well as a suitable Senstroke app, which is available for both iOS and Android [...]