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10. December 2020

Digital board games for Christmas, New Years and all year round

The Sundays in Advent, Christmas and the time “between the years”, all of this invites you to play board games together. If you have the physical get-together this year because of Corona, you don't have to do without it. [...]
9. December 2020

iPad instructions: Add a file as an event attachment in the calendar app

Did you know that you can add attachments to an event in the calendar app on the Apple iPad? With this you not only store a certain document, a PDF or an image for yourself, but also share it [...]
8. December 2020

Test software for the Mac: Tool collection for component tests

An Apple Mac consists of various hardware components. In addition to the mainboard, processor (CPU), graphics card (GPU), working memory (RAM), hard drive, etc., the iMac and MacBook also have a display. Ideally, everything works as [...]
7. December 2020

Flow App - Pomodoro technology for efficient work on the Mac

With the Mac App Flow, which is available as a free download in the basic version, the Pomodoro technology can be quickly and easily integrated into the workflow on the Mac. What is hidden behind the term, what the tool [...]
3. December 2020

7 practical tips and rules for Apple Mail

Apple Mail is an app that is available free of charge for macOS on the Apple Mac. The mail client helps to manage e-mail accounts, create mailboxes, receive and sort e-mails, write them yourself and [...]
2. December 2020
NordVPN Christmas offer

NordVPN - New Features and Discount Promotion (Sponsor)

NordVPN is one of the best known providers of VPN services on the Apple Mac, Windows PC, iPhone and Android devices. Not only has NordVPN recently won a speed test, but there is also a [...]
1. December 2020

GIF from presentation or video: Instructions for Apple Keynote

In the iWork app “Keynote”, which you can download free of charge from the App Store on the Apple Mac, you can export inserted content and slides of a presentation as GIF. Even videos that you add on a slide [...]
24. November 2020

PAGE 1 - New software for authors

With PAGE 1 there is a new software for authors and everyone who wants to become one. The tidy surface of the app provides an overview of individual projects, their chapters, the locations that appear in the novels, [...]
23. November 2020
My experience with the Mac tool CrossOver

CrossOver Mac: Windows programs on my Apple Silicon Mac

After I recently migrated all of my work gear from a 2017 MacBook Pro with an Intel chip to the new 13-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pro, there was only one thing left that didn't work: My [...]
19. November 2020

CrossOver for M1 Macs: Run Windows apps on Big Sur

Perhaps some of you already know the Wine Project (Wine for short), with which Windows programs can be used on macOS and Linux. The CrossOver software based on it now makes it possible to run computationally intensive Windows apps under macOS Big Sur [...]