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23. November 2020
My experience with the Mac tool CrossOver

CrossOver Mac: Windows programs on my Apple Silicon Mac

After I recently migrated all of my work gear from a 2017 MacBook Pro with an Intel chip to the new 13-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pro, there was only one thing left that didn't work: My [...]
19. November 2020

CrossOver for M1 Macs: Run Windows apps on Big Sur

Perhaps some of you already know the Wine Project (Wine for short), with which Windows programs can be used on macOS and Linux. The CrossOver software based on it now makes it possible to run computationally intensive Windows apps under macOS Big Sur [...]
16. November 2020

Tragic: DiskMaker X era ended with macOS Big Sur ...

For years, DiskMaker X has been the go-to tool for anyone who wanted to quickly and easily attach a Mac OS X or macOS installer to a USB stick. Presented here in the blog, for example, at this point, [...]
11. November 2020

In the test: Movavi Fastreel online video editing in the web browser

Movavi Fastreel is an online video editor that you can use directly in your web browser. The advantage is that you don't have to install any software on your computer. In addition, no computing power from the CPU or graphics card is required to [...]
10. November 2020

Parallels Desktop + Fantastical Free - Parallels Bundle Promotion

Parallels is currently offering a savings bundle with which you not only buy Parallels Desktop, but also get Fantastical for free. The first app is a resource-saving solution to Windows [...]
6. November 2020

Use SLR and digital cameras as a webcam (Nikon, Canon, Sony and more)

Whether in the home office, video chatting with the family, on the Discord server or streaming on Twitch - you often need a good webcam. How nice that you can use the SLR or digital camera as a webcam [...]
3. November 2020

Use Bitdefender for free: it works on these systems!

Antivirus and other security software for the Apple Mac is always a hot topic. If you use normal pages on the iPhone under macOS and also under iOS, nothing should happen. More susceptible, because more open, are the [...]
3. November 2020

Little Snitch 5 - network monitoring optimized for macOS Big Sur

Litte Snitch is a Mac app that is used for network monitoring and offers you z. B. shows which software wants to transfer data over the Internet. Together with Micro Snitch, I already gave you the tool before [...]
2. November 2020

TubeBuddy - Easily manage and optimize YouTube channels

If you want to build a community on YouTube and have commercial success, you need a little help. Search engine optimization, thumbnails, and the right tags for the video are areas that such help is quite good for. [...]
30. October 2020

Clips 3.0 - Apple video app gets the most extensive update

Apple's Clips app, which can be used to create and edit videos on iOS and iPadOS, has received its most extensive update to date. Clips 3.0 should now allow video creation for the sharing of filmed content [...]