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8. September 2020

Reader's question: Too many items in the menu bar on the Mac - what to do?

A reader recently wrote to me because he had too many menu items in the menu bar of his Mac. Not all of them fit in the row on his display, so that some were not visible or usable. The […]
4. September 2020

Luminar AI - photo editing with intelligent filters and effects

At Skylum you can immediately pre-order Luminar AI (LuminarAI in its own spelling). The new editor for photographs offers photo editing based entirely on artificial intelligence (AI). This makes it possible to take impressive photos without lengthy [...]
4. September 2020

Mac app "Office Reset" fixes problems with Microsoft Office

Solving problems with Microsoft Office on the Apple Mac is not that easy. Does the activation go wrong, are there missing functions in the program windows or do Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Co. keep freezing? Then you can […]
2. September 2020

Should I upgrade my Mac to macOS 11.0 Big Sur?

As every autumn, a new Mac operating system is due in 2020 - this time macOS 11.0 Big Sur. The successor to macOS 10.15 Catalina ends the "Mac OS X" era and not only runs on 64-bit [...]
1. September 2020

In comparison: macOS Big Sur vs. macOS Catalina

The new Mac operating system macOS 11.0 Big Sur will appear soon. But what changes does it bring compared to macOS 10.15 Catalina? Where are known elements improved and where do you have to get used to it completely? These […]
1. September 2020
Scan the QR code on the Mac

QR code scanner for the Mac - free of charge as software or as a handheld scanner

Today my reader Roland from Switzerland wrote me the following lines and asked for help with the selection of a QR code scanner for the Mac: Good evening Jens, In Switzerland, the e-banking business [...]
28. August 2020

Create a mood board with templates - quickly, easily, online

A mood board can serve as a design or scene template, for example for the graphic design of a website, for a photo shoot or when shooting a film. With colors, moods, patterns and perhaps also the specification of objects, characters and light [...]
26. August 2020

Speed ​​Player for Safari on Mac: Watch videos at any speed

Accelerating long documentations, lectures, lectures or other videos saves time when absorbing information. The Speed ​​Player for Safari on the Mac can help. Because not all video players for the web browser bring [...]
25. August 2020

Session Pal for the Mac: Remember Safari tabs for later use

The free Mac app called Session Pal serves as a plug-in in the Safari web browser and helps to save existing sessions. This eliminates the need to create favorites or bookmarks, as all open tabs [...]
24. August 2020

Easily use Canva resume and CV templates online

Create a professional résumé online, it works! If you want to make your résumé or CV (curriculum vitae) for an application beautiful and modern, Canva, for example, will help you. The free online tool with which [...]