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20. September 2021

Bye, Mac App Store: Advantages of buying apps directly from developers

We recently received an email from our reader Peter, who pointed out a few advantages of buying an app outside of the Mac App Store. In his special case it was about the update of the Serif programs Affinity Photo, [...]
15. September 2021

FonePaw Screen Recorder - Record PC and Mac Screen Made Easy (Sponsor)

With the Screen Recorder, FonePaw offers an app for screen recording. There are simple buttons for video, audio and webcam recording in the main window. There is also a screenshot function. Behind the simple surface, [...]
14. September 2021

Apple September Keynote 2021: iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 & new iPad models

Today, September 14, 2021, Apple's traditional September keynote began at 19:00 p.m. local time. This time the iPhone was there again, which shows that the tech giant from Cupertino is better with the [...]
14. September 2021

Follow Apple September Keynote 2021 live: Here's how!

Tonight Apple is again introducing a few new products, most likely including the four models of the iPhone 13. Furthermore, the AirPod 3 headphones and the Apple Watch Series 7 are expected. Whether there is a revision [...]
10. September 2021

5 app recommendations in September 2021

Once again, we made our way through the wide range of Mac apps and, as in the previous months, put together five app recommendations for you. In September it is again a colorful mix, but with [...]
9. September 2021

DailyArt - Curated art app with lots of information (Pick of KW36)

If you are interested in art and art history, you might want to live out this interest on the Apple iPhone or an Android smartphone. This can be done with various apps and artists and their works of art can be downloaded to the mobile [...]
8. September 2021

Almighty App - Customize your Mac with this Setapp offer

The Almighty Mac App allows you to make various adjustments in macOS. Although some of these can also be implemented via the system settings or by means of terminal inputs, the Mac can be optimized much more conveniently with Almighty. Adjustments [...]
6. September 2021

Big Mac 2 - install macOS Monterey on an old Apple Mac Pro

With almost every new macOS operating system for the Apple Mac, older computers from the manufacturer are gradually falling out of the compatibility list. If you still dare to take the step and have the latest system on a [...]
3. September 2021

Apple iPhone 13: Rumors that will probably not come true

The Apple September keynote is getting closer and in addition to the previous, rather moderate rumors, a few rather improbable rumors are bubbling up again in the cauldrons of the rumor mill. A few of them can probably be invalidated directly. That's why […]
31. August 2021

Development of Apple: When will Tim Cook withdraw and who will follow?

We recently showed that Tim Cook has been Apple's CEO for ten years. In various interviews, he has also indicated that he will not sit in the company's executive chair for another ten years. [...]