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23 JULY 2020

How do you get tracked on the internet? How can you counter this?

Tracking individual users on the Internet can be beneficial for different groups, institutions, and programs. Data dealers, advertisers, surveillance services, malware and more therefore use different methods to create a digital movement profile. Added to this is the [...]
21 JULY 2020

Swish - Mac window manager for trackpad users

If the Apple operating system macOS lacks one thing on the Mac, it is comfortable window management. With Swish you get an app on your Mac, iMac or MacBook, with which you can [...]
14 JULY 2020

Hex Fiend: Open source hex editor for the Mac

If you are looking for a free hex editor for the Apple Mac, then you might like the 1 MB Hex Fiend app. This allows you to view files and programs based on their structure of hexadecimal numbers [...]
3 JULY 2020

Patcher enables macOS Big Sur Beta on older Macs

With every new version of an Apple operating system, the question arises as to which (older) devices can install the corresponding upgrade. And every year there are developers who make it their task to also update the new OS versions on [...]
2 JULY 2020

Ransomware: ransomware spreads via pirated software on Macs

New Mac ransomware, i.e. software for blackmailing users, is currently spreading via pirated apps that are offered on Russian platforms, among others. Malwarebytes (here) and Patrick Wardle report this on the Objective-See website [...]
1 JULY 2020
Adobe CC 40% discount as an offer

Adobe Creative Cloud with 40% discount for just under 36 euros per month

If you are still dependent on Adobe's Creative Cloud and have not yet made the switch to Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher, you will surely get the usual price of almost 60 euros [...]
29th of June 2020

Stop Hate for Profit - What's Behind the Facebook Boycott?

The slogan “Stop Hate for Profit” and the hashtags #StopHateForProfit and # StopHate4Profit are currently making the rounds. It is about an advertising boycott on Facebook, which is supported by large companies and which are not noticed on Facebook [...]
26th of June 2020

BrowserFairy 2: Mac app to select the browser when opening links

The developers at venqoo GmbH recently launched the practical tool BrowserFairy 2 in the Mac App Store, the successor to the long outdated BrowserFairy application. The tool designed for 64-bit processors, which is available from macOS 10.12 Sierra with [...]
25th of June 2020

Create flyers online - use the design tool directly in your browser

Here in the blog I am going to introduce you to various possible uses of Canva, a design tool that you can use directly in your browser for free. In addition to many other graphics and print products, Canva also offers you flyers online [...]
25th of June 2020

SD Memory Card Formatter: When the SD card is not working properly

If the SD card is not working properly, the end device repeatedly displays error messages or does not save sufficiently, then the memory card does not have to be broken. Maybe you just need to format them to fix a formatting error. Under my [...]