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24th of June 2020

Is your Apple Watch compatible with watchOS 7?

The Apple Watch will also get a new operating system this fall. But not all generations are taken into account. Is my Apple Watch compatible with watchOS 7? - If you ask yourself this question, then you are [...]
23th of June 2020

Is your iPad compatible with iPadOS 14?

As part of yesterday's WWDC20 keynote, Apple presented the new operating system for its tablets. But for which tablet models exactly? Is your iPad compatible with iPadOS 14? Here you can find the answer to this question [...]
23th of June 2020

Is your Mac compatible with macOS 11.0 Big Sur?

The Apple Mac will get a completely overhauled operating system in autumn 2020 with macOS 11.0 Big Sur. Among other things, this is already designed for the upcoming Apple computers with their own "Apple Silicon" SoC, with which the manufacturer [...]
23th of June 2020

Is your iPhone compatible with iOS 14? These iPhones are!

The new operating system for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch brings numerous changes and should make the use of mobile devices even easier. But which iPhone models are compatible with iOS 14? From which year will [...]
21th of June 2020
iWeb alternatives under macOS Catalina

iWeb is dead - the best alternatives for Apple's website kit

I think I used iWeb and MobileMe before ... very briefly. But it didn't really convince me and at some point I ended up with Dreamweaver, which, by the way, now also has my back [...]
19th of June 2020

Create YouTube video thumbnail - online and without an app

If you upload a video to YouTube in order to make it available to a maximum number of viewers, it needs a bit of marketing to spread. For example, the thumbnail, i.e. the preview image, is important [...]
17th of June 2020
The CheatSheet app shows keyboard shortcuts for every Mac app.

Mac app CheatSheet: Display keyboard shortcuts from any app

I had read about Stefan Fürst's free CheatSheet app a while ago, but then kept forgetting to try it out. Yesterday I happened to be on the app's website again [...]
16th of June 2020

Corona warning app is available for iOS and Android

The Robert Koch Institute's Corona Warning app has been available for download since last night. The free installation is possible on Apple devices from iOS 13.5 and on Android smartphones from version 6.0 of the operating system. In this post you will not find [...]
15th of June 2020
Firefox about: logins command

about: logins - Firefox tip for quickly searching through login credentials

I am currently testing the Dashlane password manager for my Macs and iOS devices. So far it is doing quite well, but when importing the existing access data from Firefox there seemed to be an "incident" and some access data [...]
12th of June 2020

10 great features of macOS Catalina

The Mac operating system macOS 10.15 Catalina was rolled out in September 2019. Right at the beginning, the actually good innovations and improvements of the system were overshadowed by numerous small and medium-sized problems. Therefore, here afterwards a top [...]