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10th of June 2020

Glyphfnder App - Character Map for the Mac

If you are looking for the special characters on the Apple Mac that are not noted on the keyboard, you are probably missing the character table as a Windows switch. Where this provides an overview of characters on the PC so that you don't have to look for all characters [...]
6th of June 2020
PopClip Mac Extension

Mac tool: PopClip - extremely versatile add-on for highlighted text

I installed the PopClip tool on my Mac years ago - and loved it. After some major macOS update and a related cleaning action, it somehow seems to have disappeared. In any case […]
4th of June 2020
Uninstall Logi Options

Uninstall Logitech Options software - if the keyboard or mouse is crazy

I've been testing the Logitech Craft wireless keyboard for you for a few days. First of all: The thing is pretty nice and the review will be relatively long because the keyboard offers a lot of possibilities and [...]
3th of June 2020

The "Service Station" app pimps the context menu on the Mac

The Mac app Service Station is a practical tool with which you can customize the context menu of files and folders. In this menu, which appears when you right-click on a file / folder, [...]
1th of June 2020

Mac tip: Use your iPhone as a webcam with EpocCam

With the EpocCam app you can use your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone as a webcam on your Mac or PC. This works across all manufacturers, so that you can also use an Android device on a Mac computer or an iPhone on a Windows PC [...]
28. May 2020

Sophos Home Premium: up to 45% discount on antivirus apps for Mac, PC and mobile

In a promotion at the beginning of summer, there is a discount of up to 45% on security apps for private users from Sophos. Sophos Home Premium is a smart app against viruses, ransomware, exploit attacks and other dangers [...]
19. May 2020
Convert YouTube to MP3

Free Youtube to MP3 Converter - loads of spam and malware on the go

A reader asked me a few days ago how she could get a song from a YouTube video on iTunes. Of course, the path has to go through an audio file, because you want the music [...]
14. May 2020

Find Any File - Advanced file search options on the Mac

The practical Mac app called Find Any File does not replace the Spotlight search on the Apple computer, which you can call up with cmd + space bar. But it improves on them with various filters and advanced search options. You can […]
14. May 2020

Jiffy for Mac: Giphy library in the macOS menu bar

A soundless moving image, a so-called GIF, enhances blog posts, chats, tweets and other Internet communication. If you want to quickly and easily access's outstanding GIF library on your Mac, you should take a look at the Jiffy Tool. [...]
11. May 2020

ShortcutDetective - which app uses which key combination on the Mac?

If you like to use keyboard shortcuts on the Mac, but also like to use apps and tools with appropriate access, the workflow can sometimes come to a standstill. The small tool ShortcutDetective finds out which software [...]