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14. May 2020

Find Any File - Advanced file search options on the Mac

The practical Mac app called Find Any File does not replace the Spotlight search on the Apple computer, which you can call up with cmd + space bar. But it improves on them with various filters and advanced search options. You can […]
14. May 2020

Jiffy for Mac: Giphy library in the macOS menu bar

A soundless moving image, a so-called GIF, enhances blog posts, chats, tweets and other Internet communication. If you want to quickly and easily access's outstanding GIF library on your Mac, you should take a look at the Jiffy Tool. [...]
11. May 2020

ShortcutDetective - which app uses which key combination on the Mac?

If you like to use keyboard shortcuts on the Mac, but also like to use apps and tools with appropriate access, the workflow can sometimes come to a standstill. The small tool ShortcutDetective finds out which software [...]
11. May 2020
Delete Photoshop Preferences

When Photoshop throws you the Spinning Beachball of Death ...

Since the last two or three macOS versions I've seen the beach ball less and less. Nevertheless, there are some cases in which programs hang up in such a way that nothing more can be done and than [...]
7. May 2020
No Access for Zoom

Why I don't zoom in on my Mac ...

I don't want to spoil the meeting software Zoom or revive its security gaps, especially since many of them have long been fixed. I am more concerned with explaining my personal point of view why I am [...]
7. May 2020

Secure digitization in the company with vulnerability management

Digitization in companies, both in large corporations and in small and medium-sized companies, is in demand now more than ever. But not only video conferences and the implementation of the home office are behind it. Also and [...]
4. May 2020
WYSIWYG HTML editor for the Mac

Reader's question: Free WYSIWYG HTML editor for the Mac - which one do you recommend?

Ok, the reader who asked the question here is someone from my household who has recently started to focus on HTML programming. She has booked a course in which one solves small HTML questions [...]
4. May 2020

Reincubate Lookup - Evaluate and trace back the Apple serial number

Do you have an Apple device that you are not entirely sure of what specifications it has or which operating system it was sold with? Or did you need an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch [...]
April 30, 2020

CleanMyMac X Now On The App Store - Buy Or Not?

Twelve years after the first CleanMyMac version and 17 years after the introduction of the Apple iTunes Store, both can be found together in the current version. The CleanMyMac X software is used to clean up Macs and has been part of the [...]
April 29, 2020

Apple Mail on iPhone and iPad: vulnerability or not?

Apple's own mail app for iOS on the iPhone and iPadOS on the iPad was last due to security gaps in the media. The app problems are hyped up. It is true that the Federal Office for Security in [...]