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April 2, 2020

GfK market research - scan purchases and get rewards (sponsor)

The company GfK, which is advertised as “Growth from Knowledge”, offers consumers the opportunity to help shape what is on offer in supermarkets with their help. To do this, your own purchases are registered via an app or the so-called GfK scanner, with [...]
April 2, 2020

NetflixParty and Watch2Gether - Watch films, series and videos together

Blocking contacts, social distancing, home office - all of this separates us spatially from friends, family and colleagues. But that doesn't mean we can't do a movie night with them. Because with NetflixParty and Watch2Gether [...]
30. March 2020
Mac App Monitor Control

Mac app MonitorControl allows you to change the brightness and volume of an external monitor

I operate my MacBook Pro closed on an external LG monitor, which works quite well so far - except for the small fact that the buttons for the brightness of the external display have no effect [...]
26. March 2020

Video conferencing solutions between Mac and Windows users

If you work in the home office, you need digital solutions to stay in touch with colleagues, the executive suite and other people in the company. Anyone who works with an Apple Mac will benefit from [...]
25. March 2020

Serif and the community: Affinity programs + assignments for freelancers

The current need to avoid social contacts (in physical form) brings problems in many areas of the economy. The corona crisis also and above all affects the culture, art and other creative industries. From the concert to the [...]
24. March 2020

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - Data Recovery on Mac (Sponsor)

Suddenly lost files and folders or even completely bad hard drives; a nightmare for anyone who works on a computer. Whether office work with documents, emails and forms, creative work with photos, designs and videos or maybe the [...]
23. March 2020

Home office on the Apple Mac: Apps and tools for e-mail, to-do & time recording

Moving from work to home office can be tough. It's not just the new work environment that is probably not motivating; you can't even meet up with colleagues quickly to clarify questions. If you […]
20. March 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Best Switch Game for Corona Isolation?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a life simulation game for at home and on the go, is coming to Nintendo Switch today. The new game from the series launched in 2001 offers you adventure and relaxation on an island full of [...]
20. March 2020

Corona Tracker: Monitor SARS-CoV-2 development under iOS and macOS

The spread of the coronavirus is to be restricted by extensive measures worldwide; however, there are new case numbers every day. Do you want to know about the infections, the number of cured patients and the people who unfortunately died from Covid-19 [...]
18. March 2020

Digital offers for children in the corona quarantine (UPDATES!)

Due to the coronavirus, children are now primarily at home and not in school, daycare or kindergarten. But what to do when the textbook gets too boring, Monopoly has already been played through three times and the [...]