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18. February 2020

pCloud offer: 2 TB cloud storage, lifetime with one-off payment

Most cloud storage providers charge a subscription price to bring their service to users. The pCloud service is now taking a different approach and offers a lifetime offer in addition to monthly or annual subscriptions. Thereby 2 TB [...]
17. February 2020

My experience: Joyn Plus + in the free trial month

The streaming provider Joyn not only has films, series and live TV in its range, but also a free trial month. The exclusive “Plus” content can be viewed during this free month. Then the subscription is available for either € 6,99 [...]
14. February 2020

MacDroid App - exchange files between Mac and Android smartphone

If you want to exchange files, music, photos and more between iPhone and Mac, it's very easy. It's easy to do via iTunes (up to macOS Mojave) or the Finder (from macOS Catalina); via AirDrop [...]
11. February 2020

Repair JPG files on Mac and Windows PC

Do you want to repair a JPG because the image file or photo does not open, cannot be displayed correctly or cannot be read out sufficiently? Then there is both for the Apple Mac with macOS and for [...]
10. February 2020

Can you play Brawl Stars on the iPad with a game controller?

Supercell's Brawl Stars is a child-friendly fighting and survival game that is available for iOS and iPadOS as well as Android. I play the game every now and then with my [...]
10. February 2020
Game tip Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars: cooperative and creative MOBA game for iPhone and iPad

Actually, I just wanted to play another round of Brawl Stars, but I know myself: Then I can't get away from the game and the post takes another three weeks. I wanted to [...]
4. February 2020

Securely erase SSD on Mac without restoring data

How to safely erase an SSD on a Mac without data being able to be restored, that is what a reader wanted to know from me recently. The background was that the hard disk utility under macOS no longer offers the option to [...]
3. February 2020 work smart and automated

If you want to automate digital processes in your company, you can either program everything yourself or use ready-made software. The latter saves you time as well as frustration and is of different [...]
31. January 2020

Clever refueling - still the best refueling app?

There are now various fuel apps for the iOS operating system on the iPhone, iPadOS on the iPad and also for the Apple Watch with watchOS with a fuel price comparison, favorites list, map with petrol station display and more. Right at the forefront [...]