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20. December 2019

UniConverter for Mac and PC - download, convert, burn videos (sponsor)

The UniConverter from Wondershare offers the possibility of downloading videos from various Internet sites, converting video files into other formats and making them available on different platforms. Formats of camcorders, digital cameras and [...]
13. December 2019

My experiences with Audible: audio books and radio plays via app

Audible has been a provider of audio books and radio plays in digital form since 1995. He has been part of Amazon since 2008; As a subsidiary of the shipping giant, listening experiences are still produced today and offered as a subscription model. [...]
12. December 2019

FamiSafe app - child safety for smartphones (sponsor)

Wondershare's FamiSafe is an app solution for parents who want to check that their children are safe online and offline. From the parent device, FamiSafe can monitor the location of the child device, block apps, evaluate the screen time [...]
9. December 2019

License fox: buy software cheaply - also for the Mac (sponsor)

License Fox is a serious provider of software and its activation codes. The license fuchs range includes downloads and codes for Microsoft Office, Windows operating systems, server solutions, office and control programs, computer security, video, music and image editing apps as well as games. [...]
5. December 2019

NordVPN: VPN provider for Mac, iPhone and iPad (sponsor)

NordVPN is software for setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on Mac, iPhone and iPad. But also under Linux, on Windows PCs and on Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. A secure [...]
5. December 2019

Top 5 Free Mac Data Recovery Apps

You can find free software for data recovery on Mac here. I have also listed a few alternatives for you under the list of five free apps for data recovery. Because in addition to the recovery of deleted files [...]
3. December 2019

Touché - Touch Bar Emulator for every Mac

Touché is a free emulator for displaying the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. So if you want to bring the touchscreen strip of the Apple laptop to the display or monitor of another Mac model, you've come to the right place. [...]
29. November 2019

List: Mac OS, OS X and macOS operating systems with name and version number at a glance

The Apple Mac has seen many operating systems; from Macintosh system software to Mac OS and OS X to macOS. To keep an overview of the Mac operating systems with names and version numbers, [...]
27. November 2019

Black Friday at Skylum: Luminar 4 + individual bonuses at a great price!

Skylum Software, the makers behind the Luminar 4 app for professional photo editing, are offering their new program with various bonuses at a budget price. The Black Friday 2019 promotion comes in three stages: Luminar 4 [...]
21. November 2019

Joystick Mapper: Use USB and Bluetooth controllers on the Mac

To use an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch controller on a Mac, you usually need an additional driver or a compatible game client such as "Steam". Or the joystick mapper. For gamepads of the Microsoft and Sony consoles [...]