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30. August 2021
Chessplode - chess, puzzles and explosions

Chessplode for iPad and iPhone - my pick of the week in CW35

Chess is a great game. I'm not very good at it, but every few years I feel a bit of ambition and watch a few YouTube videos in the hope that I will [...]
26. August 2021

Brilliant: A really brilliant puzzle app for kids and adults

Brilliant is a learning and puzzle offer that helps with individual tasks and related courses to understand scientific content. There are puzzles and tasks from the areas of mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, logic, statistics and finance [...]
23. August 2021

Learning on iPad and iPhone: flashcard and vocabulary trainer apps

Whether for school, studies, training or for a private interest in a topic: index cards help with learning. Vocabulary, phrases, dates, formulas and much more can be internalized with it. But just on the way this is [...]
23. August 2021

CyberGhost VPN - advantages and current promotion for 1,90 € per month * (sponsor)

CyberGhost is a leading global provider of VPN solutions on a wide variety of end devices. With over 15 years in business and over 38 million users around the world, CyberGhost has a lot of experience. Worldwide redirection of [...]
17. August 2021

iCloud 12.5 for Windows now with password management

Apple has released a new version of the iCloud app for users of Microsoft Windows on Mac, PC and Microsoft Surface. This includes the administration of passwords, which has been expected since January. These can already be used on Apple devices such as the [...]
16. August 2021

AirServer: AirPlay receiver for Mac, PC and other devices

Apple AirPlay is useful if you want to transfer your screen content wirelessly from one device to another. For example, you can use the Apple TV to duplicate the display of your iPhone or iPad on the television. [...]
13. August 2021

Apple events in autumn 2021: MacBook Pro in October, iPad mini in November?

Autumn is approaching and with it the time of the new Apple releases. Most recently, we have already dedicated ourselves to the date of the iPhone Keynote 2021. We have also listed which products we have this year [...]
11. August 2021

Headspace as a meditation and sleep aid - Pick of the week CW32 2021

It is no longer necessary to explain to anyone that stress is a widespread phenomenon in our society. It is all the more important to counteract this omnipresent problem. There are various options for this - reduction or at least [...]
10. August 2021

5 app recommendations in August 2021

There are countless apps from various categories that you can install and use on the Apple Mac. With our app recommendations we are now picking out a few highlights for you for the third month in a row. As […]
9. August 2021

Create MP3 Playlist on iPhone - How To Do It?

Why is it so difficult to create a playlist from MP3 files on iPhone? Did you not have this via the Music App, the Finder (Mac) or iTunes (PC), but via direct download or via AirDrop [...]