Apps for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows

13. September 2019

DeepL Translator is available as a free Mac app

DeepL is a machine learning-based translator that can be used free of charge in the web browser and now also as a Mac app. Information on the software, which can be found on the Apple computer using a simple key combination on the marked
12. September 2019

For beginners: Filmora 9 video editing program for the Mac

As you know, every now and then I test video editor apps that can be used to transform videos, images and audio files into cinematic works. This time I looked at a video editing program for beginners: Filmora 9 by [...]
9. September 2019
Nice rain photo

RegenVorschau Pro - My favorite app for short-term rain forecast

Every now and then I have made up my mind to introduce an app that is installed on my devices and that I myself use very often. Most of the time, such personal insider tips are exactly the kind of apps that one [...]
9. September 2019

Blinkist vs. getAbstract - comparison of book reading services

There are different providers for consuming book summaries from the areas of knowledge, business and lifestyle. You can find a review of one of the best known, namely Blinkist, here in the blog. And also for a long time in [...]
2. September 2019

Bear App: The affordable alternative to Evernote

When looking for a note-taking app for iPhone, iPad and Mac, you will find many different offers; especially Evernote. But anyone who, like me, neither wants to use all the functions nor the provider's own cloud will certainly also want [...]
29. August 2019

Antivirus Reviewed - Intego Mac Internet Security X9 (Sponsor)

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 software contains two components: VirusBarrier and NetBarrier. Together, they are designed to protect against viruses and malware on the Apple computer. I have given you information on installation, use, advantages and more [...]
28. August 2019

AI Structure - Luminar 4 with a smart structure tool

Skylum Luminar 4, which will be available soon, gets a new, smart tool for structure improvement. Because a wide variety of objects and structures can be found in a photo: buildings and urban areas, forests and [...]
27. August 2019
Folx Download Manager for Mac

Folx: The free download manager for the Mac

I usually don't have any need for download managers on my Mac. Whenever I download software, the download is usually done quickly. The number of my downloads is also not so high, [...]
22. August 2019

Author writing programs for Mac and iPad with / without Duden exam, thesaurus and writing style analysis

While looking for an author's writing program, I came across a wide variety of apps. Especially when it comes to a program for the Mac that, in addition to a Duden exam, may also analyze the writing style, you have to be more precise [...]
21. August 2019

Rufus - Create a bootable USB stick with Windows, Linux and more

With the little Rufus app you can create a bootable USB stick under Windows; also for Linux and other operating systems. The program is not designed for macOS, but - in my opinion - still a [...]