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31. May 2019

Meditation apps for the iPhone

An iPhone app for mediation and stress relief is useful when work demands a lot of you and you don't relax enough in your free time either. To listen to the body, to breathe evenly and to [...]
29. May 2019

Grammarly: The free grammar and spell checker for English texts

Whether you are a native speaker or a German who is in contact with people in other countries, writing English texts is a common task for many. From translating German texts to writing e-mails to [...]
28. May 2019
LanguageTool image

LanguageTool Plus: The German Grammarly alternative

I only became aware of the Grammarly tool a few days ago, which is a kind of instant spelling and grammar checker for texts that can be used, for example, via a browser plug-in in any text field in the Firefox browser [...]
27. May 2019
Icon of the Mac app Prizmo 3

Mac app Prizmo 3: OCR or text recognition for photographed and scanned documents

I have been an enthusiastic user of the "Setapp" app flat rate for years. Why? Because I can always discover new apps there and try them out without them costing me "more", since I have my fixed [...]
23. May 2019

BookBuddy App - catalog books, mark them as (un) read or loaned, and much more.

Do you like to read and have an impressive collection of books? Then it's not a bad idea to catalog the individual volumes. Not only to see how many and which books are in your own possession, but [...]
23. May 2019

Change WhatsApp number - this is how changing the phone number works

If you want to use a new SIM card with a new phone number in your smartphone, the WhatsApp messenger must of course also be linked to the new number. This is the only way to keep in touch with your contacts. How […]
22. May 2019

Mac-Browser Stack places many Internet pages next to each other in a free grid

The web browser stack for macOS on the Apple Mac is a practical tool for anyone who often wants to use several websites at the same time. Do you have to monitor individual hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Co., for example, [...]
21. May 2019

Crack ZIP file with password - this is how you bypass password protection

As the last part of my series on bypassing the protection options of various file formats, the following topic is up today: Crack a ZIP file with a password. With Passper for ZIP you can protect the password for such archives, but also for a [...]
17. May 2019

Crack RAR file with password - bypass archive protection

In addition to zip archives, a RAR archive is often chosen to combine files, compress them and assign a password. But what if I have to bypass the archive protection because I have to unzip the character combination [...]
16. May 2019

Workspaces - Open multiple Mac apps, documents, and websites with just one click

Anyone who uses the Apple Mac for office work or certain projects knows that: you start your computer every day and first have to open all kinds of apps. Then there is this document and those [...]