Apps for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows

16. May 2019

Workspaces - Open multiple Mac apps, documents, and websites with just one click

Anyone who uses the Apple Mac for office work or certain projects knows that: you start your computer every day and first have to open all kinds of apps. Then there is this document and those [...]
15. May 2019

IINA for the Mac: A new and promising media player

Nowadays, media players for computers have to do a lot - not only playing audio and video files, but also corresponding streams from relevant online sources. Actually, I'm a fan of the VLC Player, but after I [...]
13. May 2019

Remove PDF Password - How to Crack a Protected PDF File

A PDF file can have different contents: an important document, digitized documents, an e-magazine or e-book and so on. If it contains sensitive or private information, it is good to have it protected by a password [...]
10. May 2019

coconut Battery - Measure the charge current and discharge current on the iPad, iPhone and Mac

I had already introduced you to the Mac app coconut Battery - as a simple solution to bring back the display of the battery life on the MacBook. However, the software for macOS can do even more! It is extremely helpful [...]
10. May 2019

Malwarebytes (Mac Version) - The recommendation from the Apple Service Center

Antivirus software on the Apple Mac ... Actually, I am of the opinion that you don't need anti-virus software on a Mac. Nevertheless, readers sometimes ask which software I would recommend if they do something [...]
9. May 2019

KOINGO Software - App purchase with lifelong updates as a subscription alternative

KOINGO Software has been releasing software for Mac OS X and macOS since 1994, whereby great attention is paid not only to short-term use, but also to durability. With new operating systems for Apple computers every year, this means [...]
8. May 2019

TV and streaming app "Waipu TV" now also for Apple TV

There are various providers on the market for the purchase of television, pay-TV and streaming content via the Internet. One of them is Waipu TV. With the appropriate app or browser solution, numerous free channels, pay TV channels [...]
7. May 2019

Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard - Apple's first iOS game in over 10 years

The annual meeting of the Berkshire Hathaway holding company and its stakeholders was held over the weekend. There was also star investor Warren E. Buffett, who appeared at the start of the event in a short film in which Tim [...]
6. May 2019

Reader's question: Can you let YouTube run in the background on the iPhone?

Are you using the YouTube app and want to quickly switch to another program to do other things there? Then of course the video stops. The question quickly arises: Can you use YouTube on the iPhone [...]
5. May 2019

Refog Hoverwatch - cell phone spy tool for emergencies

A keylogger can be used to record what inputs are made on a device. Which texts, search queries and file names are written on the Mac or PC? What is typed on the iPhone or Android smartphone? That can be done with [...]