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10. August 2021

5 app recommendations in August 2021

There are countless apps from various categories that you can install and use on the Apple Mac. With our app recommendations we are now picking out a few highlights for you for the third month in a row. As […]
9. August 2021

Create MP3 Playlist on iPhone - How To Do It?

Why is it so difficult to create a playlist from MP3 files on iPhone? Did you not have this via the Music App, the Finder (Mac) or iTunes (PC), but via direct download or via AirDrop [...]
6. August 2021

Procreate manuals: Learn to draw and paint digitally on the iPad

With the combination of Apple iPad (Pro) and Apple Pencil, digital drawing and painting has become not only super easy, but also mobile. One app that is repeatedly recommended for this is Procreate. She has […]
4. August 2021

Falling prices in the App Store for the euro area, UK and South Africa

Apple adjusts prices in the App Store whenever tax regulations or exchange rates for currencies change. In the coming days there should be changes again, as announced at the official site. So [...]
2. August 2021
The right drivers for cyberJack, timeCard, tanJack and cyberJack POS can be found on the website.

Pure SCT driver - for Mac, Windows and Linux

Reiner SCT offers products such as chip card readers, time recording systems, TAN generators, hardware for two-factor authentication, payment terminals and systems for access control. Some of the following products should be known: cyberJack timeCard tanJack cyberJack POS driver for Reiner SCT […]
29 JULY 2021

Unclack Mac App - Automatically disable microphone when typing

During a video conference, during FaceTime with the family or in voice chat on Discord - it is always annoying to hear someone type. If you don't want to be that person, the [...]
28 JULY 2021

5 apps for drawing and painting on the iPad (part 2)

As promised yesterday, today you get the second part of the list with apps for drawing and painting on the iPad and iPad Pro from Apple. Yesterday I sent you Notes, Procreate, Linea Sketch, Paper, [...]
27 JULY 2021

Focus - App for Pomodoro technique and interval work (pick of the week KW30)

Focus is an app in which you can set up tasks, to-do lists and timers to work more focused. Especially through the timer, with which you can divide your time into work and breaks, Focus becomes [...]
27 JULY 2021

5 + 1 apps for drawing and painting on the iPad (part 1)

The Apple iPad, and especially the models with Apple Pencil support, are very suitable for drawing and painting. Whether iPad or iPad Pro: for creating lines, colored areas, comics, paintings, portraits, designs and sketches, [...]
26 JULY 2021

Terminal alternative: Prefs Editor for editing app settings

You can usually activate, deactivate or make visible for use the default settings and hidden options of Mac apps with a command in the macOS Terminal. However, it can be tedious to find the right commands for the terminal [...]