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22. February 2019

Write in WhatsApp in bold, italic and strikethrough

Formatting text in WhatsApp, i.e. writing it in bold, italic and strikethrough, is not that difficult. In this little guide I will show you how to format your short messages. I tested this with the [...]
21. February 2019

Convert ODT to DOC - solution for Apple Mac and Windows PC

Did someone send you a text file in the .odt format or downloaded a text collection made up of lots of ODT files? Then you may not be able to open it with the programs on your computer [...]
20. February 2019

NVIDIA AI creates portraits of faces that don't exist

"This person does not exist" or in German: "This person does not exist" - with this claim, NVIDIA operates a website of the same name on which there are faces to be seen. The specialty of the portraits is that it [...]
15. February 2019

GIMP for Mac - Download, Instructions, and Manual

GIMP is image editing software for Apple Mac, Windows PC and Linux computers that is free to download. For hobby and low-budget users, this free app has been a good alternative to [...] for years - or better: decades.
12. February 2019

Google reverse image search - find similar images online

The Google image search is a helpful tool when looking for images, icons, symbols, sights, desktop backgrounds and the like. The search also works the other way around: Google's reverse image search ensures that you can use an image file [...]
7. February 2019

pCloud test - cloud storage with encryption and auto-uploads

If one of the storage devices on the iPhone runs out or space is required on the Mac hard drive, cloud storage can be the right alternative to external hard drives, DVD-RWs and USB sticks. A provider of cloud storage space that, in addition to [...]
7. February 2019

TimeMachineEditor - Schedule Time Machine backups

The free, small software TimeMachineEditor ensures that you have quick and easy access to advanced settings of the Time Machine backup. For example, intervals, fixed times for every day or backup events at fixed [...]
6. February 2019
While you used to wander from doctor to doctor with large envelopes full of prints, the hospital usually burns the recordings onto a CD on site and gives them to the patient (photos: Sir Apfelot).

View X-ray images and MRI images from a patient CD on a Mac or Windows PC

Today is about a topic that came up in the family because of an illness: How can I look at the X-ray images on the Mac that I made available on a patient CD at the hospital [...]
5. February 2019

Mp3tag on Mac - Use the well-known MP3 tag editor under macOS

You don't need Parallels Desktop or Apple's Boot Camp function to use the free Windows app Mp3tag on your Mac. Because the developers offer the well-known and popular MP3 tag editor on their website [...]
1. February 2019

Hocus Focus - Mac App hides inactive programs

Hocus Focus is an app for macOS that hides programs or their windows on the desk immediately or after a set time. Profiles for various work and leisure uses of the Apple Mac can be defined, [...]