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28. January 2019

Google image search: display high-resolution images again with the plugin

Whether product images from the manufacturer, an app logo in large resolution or simply the new background image for the Mac desk: it was easier to display high-resolution images in original size in the Google image search. After a change at the beginning of [...]
24. January 2019

SQUID - news app with a little something extra

Since Sir Apfelot is now also available in the SQUID app as a source of information, it is time to present this offer here in the blog. SQUID is a collection of messages, reports and [...]
23. January 2019

Entering high numbers on your Mac - this is how it works!

Entering an exponent number on the Mac, e.g. displaying something in the Pages word processor or Numbers spreadsheet in square or cube, is no rocket science. It's even easier to do in Word and similar Office apps. If […]
11. January 2019

Video: How does Shazam work?

Shazam is an app that recognizes songs when you play them through the smartphone microphone. That sounds pretty easy when people with the appropriate knowledge can do the same. However, the Shazam software must have a [...]
9. January 2019

VirtualBox - Free virtualization app

VirtualBox is a free software from the developer ORACLE, in which you can run a "virtual" version of Windows or Linux on the Apple Mac without restarting, but directly in a program window under macOS. How […]
8. January 2019

WhatsApp down? How to find out!

WhatsApp is probably the messenger most used by smartphone users for communicating with friends, family, colleagues and so on. The worldwide high demand of the service leads now and then to the fact that [...]
7. January 2019

Install ChessBase 15 on the Mac

Among the many board game simulations for computers, ChessBase is THE app for practicing chess. From chess puzzles and opening libraries to the display of endangered fields in the training game, CB offers an extremely wide range of possibilities to improve [...]
5. January 2019
With the camera app "kirakira +" all things can be made to sparkle.

iPhone app kirakira + takes photos with a glitter and glamor effect

Sometimes I come across apps that really inspire me. This is what happened a few days ago with the "kirakira +" app, which I discovered in the app store recommendations. The app is camera software that can be used both in videos [...]
28. December 2018

Skype Download for Mac (+ Windows + Linux)

Along with FaceTime, Duo and other video telephony solutions, Skype is one of the most popular apps of this type. Microsoft's communication software is also used in the professional sector, for job interviews, for support matters and many other things. Compared to the proprietary [...]
21. December 2018

Parkopedia - Better parking in 75 countries

Parkopedia Parking is an app for iOS on the iPhone and iPad that not only has good and very good ratings from users, but also provides mapped over 60 million parking spaces in 75 countries. [...]