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4. December 2018
Quiet puzzling on the iPad or iPhone: ELOH is my tip for people who like to puzzle without time pressure.

ELOH - quiet puzzle game with sound tinkering for iPhone and iPad

Almost every day I look at the app recommendations that are presented by Apple in the app store. I find most things uninteresting or not recommended because of too much advertising or a subscription model. I am not fundamentally against [...]
27. November 2018
AJA System Test Error message due to lack of write access to the hard disk.

AJA system test error: "Test Failure: Could not write to / Volumes / ..."

I have been using the "AJA System Test" software for a long time to measure hard drive benchmarks. I recently took a close look at two SSD storage devices from SanDisk and Teyadi. As long as the hard drives [...]
27. November 2018

Ooigo App - Find children's radio plays on Apple Music and Spotify

Audio books and radio plays, especially children's radio plays, are not easy to track down with popular streaming providers such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer. The Ooigo app, which was published by Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH, [...]
16. November 2018

PDF Archive Viewer - the iOS app for the PDF Archiver by Julian Kahnert

The PDF Archiver is a practical helper for the office, for private documents and all other PDF files that you want to organize, tag with keywords and store clearly. You can see how well the Mac app works [...]
14. November 2018
The savings potential on my hard drives is quite low, but according to the developer, clearing out also speeds up access to SD cards, which is certainly not wrong with cameras that deliver a high resolution.

CleanMyDrive 2 in the test - free volume manager for macOS

I have been using the CleanMyMac (currently CleanMyMac X) tool from the MacPaw software company for several years, about which I have written a review here. It works as software for system optimization, deletes residual data, performs [...]
9. November 2018

CleanMyMac X - Extensions module is back and updates get user names!

The girls and boys from MacPaw have released a few useful updates and other exciting news for the "CleanMyMac X" app. Details about the cleanup program for macOS can be found in the CleanMyMac X report. If you have the [...]
7. November 2018
LightSpectrum Pro: Measure color temperature with the iPhone

LightSpectrum Pro: Measure color temperature and color spectrum with the iPhone

I just finished the test report on the LED tea lights and stumbled upon the color temperature measurement. A customer stated the color temperature of the LED candles to be 2900 Kelvin and I felt the need to [...]
2. November 2018
The current flagship from Fujitsu: the ScanSnap iX1500.

Updated ScanSnap software for feeder scanners from Fujitsu is available for macOS Mojave

After Fujitsu delivered quite a debacle with one of the last macOS updates and their scanner software was not compatible with the Sierra macOS operating system for several weeks, most users of models like the ScanSnap [...]
30. October 2018

Photolemur 3 with Halloween discount: Save 50%, pay only € 32,73

Tomorrow is Halloween, a gruesomely beautiful festival that is celebrated far too seldom in the world of electronics, computers and apps. At Skylum and Photolemur there is still one today and tomorrow for [...]
24. October 2018
Mail Archiver X in the test

Mail Archiver X: Backups of IMAP mailboxes with or without an e-mail program

Mail Archiver X software is backup software for email accounts. The macOS app is developed by Beatrix Willius (Moth Software). A few weeks ago she kindly provided me with a free license so that I could use the [...]