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13. September 2018

Now: Pre-order Aurora HDR 2019 for Mac and Windows

At Skylum Software (formerly MacPhun) you can now pre-order Aurora HDR 2019 for Mac and Windows. The tool for professional image and photo editing can also be used as a Photoshop plug-in and from the official start of sales [...]
6. September 2018

FileMail - Free WeTransfer alternative for files up to 50 GB

The WeTransfer service, which is also available as a Mac app, is useful if you want to send larger files that are too big for an email or services like DropBox. The maximum size for the [...]
6. September 2018

CleanMyMac X - anniversary version with malware removal

MacPaw has launched the new CleanMyMac X cleaning app for Mac hard drives. Similar to Apple itself, the new update, of which SetApp has a test version, was highly rated by the developer [...]
3. September 2018

Windows 95 is back - as an app for your computer

Many of the first computers that were in private households in the 90s either had a DOS version or an early graphic user interface (such as Windows 3.11) on the hard drive, or even the graphically and functionally much more extensive Windows [...]
31. August 2018
Improving image quality on autopilot: Photolemur 3 in the test

Photolemur 3: Autopilot image processing program put to the test

The software Photolemur 3 "forced" me to do something that I rarely do otherwise. I'm usually not a big fan of quick reviews and hectic article writing, but today it was necessary. The boys and [...]
30. August 2018

Mac Backup: “Carbon Copy Cloner” and “SuperDuper!” In comparison

I recently introduced you to the two backup solutions “Carbon Copy Cloner” and “SuperDuper!” For macOS on the Apple Mac. If you are looking for a quick comparison in order to choose one of the two programs [...]
27. August 2018

Trash away! DE App - Report unauthorized garbage dumps to the city or municipality

The MÜLLweg! DE App by Thomas Lennartz is a practical tool for anyone who wants to report an unauthorized garbage dump, junk dumped somewhere or garbage bags, mattresses and TVs lying around to the city or municipality. It is true that [...]
23. August 2018

The best window managers for Mac

There are many window managers for the Mac or for macOS. Which of these is the best window manager app is usually decided individually for each user. Because where some the size of a [...]
16. August 2018

DiskMaker X - make bootable drives yourself with macOS Installer

DiskMaker X is a Mac app that lets you create a bootable drive from which macOS can be installed on an Apple computer. So if you want a new Mac, iMac or MacBook [...]
16. August 2018

SongShift - Convert playlists between Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services

SongShift is an iOS app that can be used to convert and synchronize playlists from music streaming services. Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and YouTube are only the largest providers that are supported. The reference to the SongShift app [...]