Apps for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows

22th of June 2018

The best Mac, iPhone and iPad apps for travel planning (including websites)

Planning your trip and / or vacation completely offline? Hardly anyone does that anymore; and if so, it costs an unnecessarily long time and probably more money. Even from classic internet sites for booking, [...]
21th of June 2018

Why you shouldn't download software from download portals

Many of you probably know this: You search for certain apps and enter the app name on Google to find a download source. On the first page you will find a number of hits that make it easy to download the [...]
21th of June 2018

AppCleaner - My recommendation to delete programs from the Mac

Deleting programs and apps on the Mac under macOS is super easy at first glance: Open the Applications folder and drag the icon of the corresponding software into the trash can. Then empty it, [...]
20th of June 2018

5 reasons why Apple Maps is better than Google Maps

Apple Maps (or "Maps") was published in fall 2012 under iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Initially decried as one of the poorer Apple services, Apple cards can last for almost six years [...]
20th of June 2018 App: View all lectures from WWDC 2018 (and older) on the Mac

"The unofficial WWDC app for macOS" is how presents itself on the website of the same name. The Mac app is intended to display WWDC streams live, to make videos of the event available for later viewing and also [...]
1th of June 2018

The "Sir Apfelot App" for iOS on the iPhone - finally in the App Store!

The Sir Apfelot app for iOS on the iPhone - it's finally ready and available for download! After I was looking for an iOS developer in the blog last November, among other things [...]
25. May 2018
Guide to Plus Code coordinates.

Plus codes - the better geo-coordinates?

Plus codes are geo-coordinates based on strings of letters and numbers that can be uniquely assigned to regions and locations all over the world. The assignment of plus codes and their use is for private individuals, companies, [...]
22. May 2018

CleverReach - newsletter service from Germany (GDPR-compliant)

Are you looking for newsletter software from Germany that enables you to address your readers or customers within the EU GDPR-compliant email marketing? Then CleverReach could be something for you. In the standard offer [...]
22. May 2018

IP address on the Mac: solution for temporary and permanent display

Are you the IT person in the company or would you like to keep an eye on your IP address in the local LAN / WLAN or in the network of your Internet provider at home? Then there are various ways of doing this; temporary displays of the [...]