Apps for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows

21 JULY 2021

Autobahn app - route planning, traffic reports, webcams and more

With the autobahn app from prototype berlin GmbH, which developed the software for the autobahn GmbH of the federal government, there has been a comprehensive offer for iOS and Android users since yesterday. Because in the app [...]
20 JULY 2021

HandBrake 1.4.0 - Rip DVDs and convert videos on the M1 Mac

If you want to copy a DVD to the hard drive under macOS on the Apple Mac, there are various apps and tools for this. We last dedicated ourselves to an app that is repeatedly recommended for this in 2017: [...]
16 JULY 2021

Affinity Photo: Free eBook for beautiful photos

The creators behind the “Affinity Revolution” YouTube channel, who show how to use the Affinity Photo photo and image processing app in YouTube videos and online courses, are releasing their knowledge as a free eBook. The offer is valid until the 25th [...]
15 JULY 2021

Convert and compress videos on Mac

Digital videos can have different formats and use different codecs. This can be beneficial if you save the video in the appropriate format for a specific purpose. But it is on a [...]
15 JULY 2021

AppShopper alternatives: App and deal directories for Apple systems

At the end of June, the popular AppShopper platform closed, which helped users of Apple devices, among other things, to keep an eye on the price development of apps. AppShopper also served as a search engine for apps that could be accessed via [...]
14 JULY 2021

DeepL translator as website and app - pick of the week week 28

We have already introduced you to the DeepL translator here and there. However, it can now be used so extensively and individually that it should appear again as the pick of the week. Because in addition to the website, [...]
13 JULY 2021

Setapp "Yac Remote Work Pack": App collection especially for the home office

Setapp and Yac are releasing their first collection of apps today, which are specifically aimed at users in the home office. It contains 15 programs for the workflow in home work: five apps from Yac and ten apps from [...]
12 JULY 2021

[Updates] Apple Podcasts: Stop playback after the current episode

I fell asleep on a podcast the other day and woke up listening to a completely different podcast. If you listen to programs on Apple Podcasts, then you probably know the problem that after the episode you are listening to, [...]
9 JULY 2021

5 app recommendations in July 2021

Last month we gave you 5 app recommendations for June 2021. We want to continue that in July. If we have already presented one or more of the apps [...]
7 JULY 2021

Audacity Alternatives: Free and Affordable Audio Programs

As already shown in May, the Muse Group has taken over the free audio editor Audacity. Users of the audio app for Windows, macOS and Linux should look forward to a more modern interface and additional functions. But currently [...]