Apps for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows

22. May 2018

CleverReach - newsletter service from Germany (GDPR-compliant)

Are you looking for newsletter software from Germany that enables you to address your readers or customers within the EU GDPR-compliant email marketing? Then CleverReach could be something for you. In the standard offer [...]
22. May 2018

IP address on the Mac: solution for temporary and permanent display

Are you the IT person in the company or would you like to keep an eye on your IP address in the local LAN / WLAN or in the network of your Internet provider at home? Then there are various ways of doing this; temporary displays of the [...]
22. May 2018

Mapify - travel photo book with location information, planner and guide

The Mapify app for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is a mixture of a kind of Pinterest for travel photos with location information, a travel guide for special places and a planner application for the vacation. According to the developers [...]
15. May 2018

Apple Watch as a remote shutter release for the iPhone camera (Halide App)

Two months ago I introduced you to the Halide app as a professional photo app with RAW recording and depth effect for the Apple iPhone. Since then, the alternative to the camera application from Apple, which is available in the iOS of the [...]
10. May 2018
The PeakFinder AR App for iOS on the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch shows mountain names on the real-time image of the camera - offline, worldwide and with 350.000 mountains! Details, functions and download can be found here.

PeakFinder AR: Recognize 350.000 mountains worldwide with iPhone

The iOS app PeakFinder AR for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch helps you to recognize mountains and their peaks offline. All you have to do is point the device camera at the mountain panorama and the AI ​​will recognize [...]
9. May 2018

Touch Bar Timer: Stopwatch for the Apple MacBook Pro

The Touch Bar of the Apple MacBook Pro is certainly not accessible to every user - especially not when it is folded up on an external monitor or perched on a laptop arm above the tabletop. A [...]
8. May 2018

Questionable: Google + iPhone camera + Safari browser = scavenger hunt at home

If you use the Safari browser on iOS on the Apple iPhone to surf the Internet, you can access the camera of the Apple smartphone directly from this app. Google does this with Emoji [...]
4. May 2018

PopClip for macOS: Tool for more productivity in word processing

Do you work a lot with text on your Mac and want to increase your productivity or your workflow when inserting website links or e-mail addresses, when formatting words, sentences and paragraphs and other tasks? Then I have [...]
2. May 2018

OnyX for Apple Mac: Optimizing macOS made easy

OnyX is an app for the Apple Mac with which non-obvious functions of the system and individual programs can be used and changed. The free application from Titanium Software is available for different versions of the operating system [...]
April 26, 2018

Ultrasound, Studio Link, Mixlr: produce podcasts, broadcast live and integrate chat

Last Friday I introduced you to the Podlive app, with which you can listen to podcasts, subscribe to them, participate in their live chat and use other functions. If you want to produce a live podcast yourself, then ask yourself [...]