Apps for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows

April 11, 2018

Unsplash app for iOS: Royalty-free images and CC0 photos for iPhone and iPad

In a post about sources for royalty-free images and CC0 photos, I introduced you to the Unsplash platform in addition to Pixabay and Pexels a year ago. Since the beginning of April 2018 there are now [...]
April 10, 2018

Apple Watch Remote: Watch as a remote control for iTunes and Apple TV

If you want to get even more smart workflow out of the Apple Watch at home, then you can relatively easily use the Apple Watch as a remote control for Apple TV and iTunes. Information on the coupling of tvOS and watchOS [...]
April 5, 2018

Quantified Map - iOS app shows geodata from photos and apps on an individual map

Quantified Map is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad that evaluates photos and apps from your mobile Apple device in order to display individual maps or heatmaps. On these you can then see which routes you mainly frequent or [...]
20. March 2018

Instructions: Install apps on the Apple Watch - here's how!

After setting up the Apple Watch, I faced the problem that I couldn't find a way to install apps directly on the watch. There is no watchOS App Store on the watch or [...]
17. March 2018
Offline maps: On the left you mark on the map which area you want to load onto the watch, in the middle you can see the data transfer process and on the right you can see the progress: darkened tiles have already been transferred, the lighter ones not yet.

WorkOutDoors: Maps and training app for the Apple Watch

I had a little epiphany a few days ago when I stumbled upon the "WorkOutDoors" app. This runs on the iPhone and has a companion app that runs on the Apple Watch. In this case […]
15. March 2018
Paw Api Tool for the Mac

Paw: Mac app for testing API interfaces

I recently started working with an iOS developer (greetings, Frank! - to create the Sir-Apfelot app for the iPhone. The articles and the corresponding graphics are accessed via the WordPress REST API. If you check the output [...]
13. March 2018

Microlearn for Swift: Learn with videos and the Martin Lexow app

It has been a few months since I received the email from Martin Lexow that I could test his MacApp "Mikrolern für Swift". There is already a short contribution to Martin's YouTube videos [...]
9. March 2018

Halide: Professional camera app with RAW and depth effect for the iPhone

I have already briefly presented the iPhone camera app Halide from the developers at Chroma Noir LLC here in the blog in an overview of iOS helpers for RAW photos on the Apple smartphone. The professional software for [...]
8. March 2018

MobiMover Free for Windows: Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone or PC (sponsor)

With MobiMover Free, the software developers at EaseUS have released a practical Windows app with which you can transfer data and backups from the iPhone (and iPad) to the PC and from there to another Apple mobile device. The […]
8. March 2018

DetectX Swift: macOS analysis tool collects data from the Mac for problem solving

The software developer SQWARQ, mentioned once or twice in this blog, has been offering the first full version of the macOS analysis software DetectX Swift for the Apple operating system from version 10.11 since the beginning of the year. On the download page you can find [...]