Apps for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows

7. March 2018

Podcast clients for iPhone and iPad

Have you jumped on the hype train in recent years or have you been part of the podcast topic since the audio contributions from various people and ensembles that are regularly published online? How your relationship with podcasts, with [...]
6. March 2018

What is vero The social media hype explained.

New, free and omnipresent for some time - that is "Vero", a social media platform that competes with Facebook, Instagram and Co. But what's behind the app, the hype and everything that comes with it [...]
2. March 2018

My experience with Blinkist - the book summary service

It's been a few months since I first read about Blinkist. To be honest, I didn't understand the concept straight away, because up until now I was familiar with a service for "book summaries" [...]
26. February 2018

Install Disk Creator: Install the Mac operating system from the USB stick

If you want to rebuild your Mac or help someone reinstall macOS from scratch, the Install Disk Creator app is a helpful tool. Because the program for the Apple computer helps [...]
23. February 2018

Mac color fan apps: Aquarelo, Couleurs, Skala Color & Vaunt in the test

Are you looking for the right tools for your graphic project, would you like to design your website professionally with suitable colors or are you just getting started with digital design? Then virtual color fans and color pickers for your Mac might not be [...]
21. February 2018

Open / unzip the BIN file on the Mac

Opening a BIN file on the Apple Mac is roughly the same as extracting another image directory. There are various apps and programs for Mac OS X and macOS that you can use to read, view and extract .bin files [...]
19. February 2018

Disk Graph: Analyze hard disk usage in detail

Disk Graph is an app developed by Nicolas Kick for macOS on the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook. With the software you can analyze the hard drive usage of your Apple computer in more detail than via the apple menu (apple [...]
13. February 2018

CodeCheck App: Check products and ingredients on the go (update!)

CodeCheck is an app for iOS and Android that is designed as a product manual to provide information on various products and their ingredients free of charge. For this purpose, the barcode can simply be scanned using a smartphone camera - [...]
12. February 2018

Cardiogram App: Heart data analysis via iPhone and Apple Watch

Every five minutes, a standard Apple Watch measures the wearer's heartbeat. The values ​​are then clearly, but also a bit superficial, processed in the heart rate app for the watch and the iPhone. If you […]