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13. December 2017

MyEtherWallet: eWallet iOS app for cryptocurrency is a fake

As reported by the crypto magazine ETHNews, among others, there was again an imitation of the digital ether wallet "MyEtherWallet", which is also often abbreviated to the Pokémon name MEW. In the Apple App Store there were [...]
12. December 2017

TripMode 2: Control internet data usage with the macOS app

Whether on the go in a hotspot, using data with a surf stick or in a WLAN network - with the macOS app TripMode 2 you can surf the Internet with full traffic control. You can give individual apps access to the web [...]
6. December 2017
Shoot a DNG Raw photo with your Apple iPhone

Take RAW photos with an iPhone camera: here's how!

If you use the iPhone camera as a professional tool and want to take RAW photos instead of JPEG images, you can do so with just a few steps and one or the other additional app. How do you take a photo in raw data format and what advantages this [...]
5. December 2017
Smart Alec Test Download macOS

Smart Alec: Free check of SMART hard drives via Mac app

The free Mac app Smart Alec, which is currently in public beta, offers a review of internal and external SMART hard drives. The abbreviation for these storage media stands for "Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology". SMART hard drives, such as [...]
1. December 2017
Buy Affinity Photo manual, learn professional photo editing, download the app

Affinity Photo Workbook: Official Serif Handbook

With Affinity Photo for Apple Mac and Windows PC, the British developer Serif has brought serious competition for Adobe Photoshop and similar software for photo and image processing onto the market. Now there are [...]
29. November 2017
Question: How to open an XML file on the Mac - Answers and macOS Apps, Viewer, Download

Open XML file on Mac

If you have found an XML file on the Apple Mac and want to read it out or do you want to open and change a special file with the extension .xml in order to adapt it according to certain requirements, then you can [...]
29. November 2017

ConnectMeNow: direct network access via Mac menu bar

With the free ConnectMeNow software you can create direct access to network drives in the menu bar under OS X and macOS on the Apple Mac. The extensive program can be set up individually and with your own [...]
27. November 2017
Simulate color blindness, color blindness simulation, mobile phone camera, computer software, app, program, download Daltonism

Sim Daltonism App: Simulate Color Blindness on iPhone and Mac (Free)

The Sim Daltonism app for the Apple iPhone with iOS and the Apple Mac or MacBook with macOS can simulate color blindness for the user. The name of the app is derived from the English name [...]
24. November 2017

Sir Apfelot planned as an iPhone app: iOS developer wanted

In the last few weeks I've been looking for ways to offer this blog as an app for iPhone users. However, automatic or semi-automatic solutions that convert WordPress sites into an app do not deliver a satisfactory result. That's why I start [...]
22. November 2017
Music Maker Free Download, Free Downloads Music Making Software App Windows Mac

MAGIX Music Maker: Make music with a free download

MAGIX Music Maker has been available free of charge since 2017; you can legally download, install and use the music software for free. Where you can find the download, what it brings you and more about the app you can find [...]