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24. October 2017

Fuse beads: Portrait with Hama Beads (20.000 pieces)

Here in the blog you will mainly find articles on Apple, technology, software and electronics, but now and then also articles on analogue jokes such as the Game of the Year 2017. Therefore, in this post I would like to [...]
19. October 2017
Guitar distortion software, virtual pedal, Apple

Tonebridge Guitar Effects: App provides original guitar sounds

Tonebridge Guitar Effects is an app for iOS and macOS that enables you to imitate the guitar sounds of over 9.000 songs. In a somewhat simplified way it works like this: You connect your guitar to the iPhone, [...]
12. October 2017
Tinker Tool Download Download Security Configure OS X safely customize company computer

TinkerTool: make macOS fine adjustments safely

Version 25 of the helpful macOS software TinkerTool was released on September 2017, 6.21. TinkerTool can therefore be used both under macOS 10.12 Sierra and macOS 10.13 High Sierra. If you use the software, [...]
3. October 2017

E-wallet briefly explained: how does PayPal work?

How does PayPal work? You are probably wondering if you want to create an account with this e-wallet and use it to pay in an online shop, on eBay, eBay classifieds or for purchases in the Facebook sales group. PayPal [...]
3. October 2017
Blue light filter eyeglass lenses

Blue light filter: tips, software & glasses for gaming and screen work

Blue light filters are probably already known to all those who spend a lot of time on PC, Mac and / or smartphone and whose eyes are strained by the blue light from the screen or display. For Android smartphones that [...]
30. September 2017
When the system is started under macOS, users are missing from the login page, even though they are set up as admin? Here's the right solution!

Solved: New macOS user is not displayed in the login window on restart

I had the following problem with my MacBook after creating user accounts for my children on it. I'm actually used to creating a user in the system settings under macOS / OS X and [...]
22. September 2017

Affinity Photo for iOS 11 on iPad (Pro)

As the software company Serif announced yesterday, the Affinity Photo app for image editing on the Apple iPad Pro is now ideally set up for use with iOS 11 thanks to an update. In the app [...]
15. September 2017

Free iOS app of the week: INKS. by State of Play Games

The colorful pinball game INKS. From the software company State of Play Games for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the current app of the week is available for free download. An extensive test [...]
12. September 2017

Firefox Test Pilot: Hacks and Experiments for the Browser

Mozilla has added an experimental program called Test Pilot to the Firefox web browser, which enables you to perform various tasks that would otherwise be carried out with third-party add-ons. For example, you can take notes directly in the Firefox browser, encrypt files, [...]
8. September 2017
Streaks Wourout Fitness App Icon

"Streaks Workout" is the new free app of the week

I have to admit that Apple's new free app of the week creates mixed feelings in me. I was immediately enthusiastic about the Tsuro puzzle two weeks ago, and I was quickly drawn to the Colossatron break-everything game [...]