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5. September 2017

Microsoft Office on macOS 10.13 High Sierra: Limitations and Problems

The macOS 10.13 High Sierra operating system will soon be released for Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook, with restrictions, functional failures and other problems for Microsoft Office 2011 and Microsoft Office 2016 up to version 15.34 [...]
5. September 2017

TeamViewer for iOS and macOS: Mirror iPhone to Mac for remote support

With iOS 11, it will be possible on the iPhone and iPad not only to transmit the screen with Apple's own solutions, but also with third-party services - such as the QuickSupport app from TeamViewer. [...]
1. September 2017
8mm vintage camera icon of the app

8mm Vintage Camera: Retro video app becomes Apple's free app of the week

This week Apple is offering "8mm Vintage Camera", a free app of the week for amateur filmmakers - although you can even export 4K video, which is more for the professionals among us. The […]
1. September 2017
Mac Tracker Download

Mactracker for macOS and iOS: Apple device encyclopedia and individual device overview

With Mactracker you can download an app for Mac, iPhone and iPad that gives you detailed information on individual Apple devices, such as hardware, software and support period. CPU speed, memory, maximum [...]
25. August 2017
The game Colossatron is mainly about destroying the world - this week for free! ;-)

Colossatron: "Destroy The World Game" becomes free app of the week

Last week's puzzle Tsuro was a game to my liking. How flexible the Apple team has to be, which selects the free app of the week, shows in the choice for this [...]
23. August 2017
After updating to Parallels Desktop 13, my Windows 7 cannot find any printer and every print fails with an error message.

Be careful when updating to Parallels Desktop 13 - problems with all printers under Windows 7

Today I updated my Mac to Parallels Desktop 13, which was only released a few days ago. Unfortunately, I was a bit premature because - as was the case with the update [...]
23. August 2017

Gamescom News: Age of Empires IV officially announced

At Gamescom 2017, Microsoft presented the fourth part of the AoE game series for the 20th anniversary of the game, officially confirming rumors about an Age of Empires IV. In addition to the exclusive, new title of the Age of [...]
22. August 2017

Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac: Windows applications on the Touch Bar

If you have ever looked how you can install and use a version of Microsoft Windows on the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook in addition to OS X or macOS, then you are surely already [...]
21. August 2017
Haste Mac App, Download, Beta, Set Search Macros,

Haste for Apple Mac: App with macros for web search

Haste is a Mac app for OS X and macOS that offers individual settings for personalized web searches, so to speak macros for researching Google, Wikipedia, Amazon and Co. Especially if you are in the [...]
19. August 2017
Here you can see my grandiose departure, which unfortunately I could not avoid because my "clever" computer opponent had built me ​​in. Thanks again for that! :-P

App of the week: Tsuro - a quiet puzzle for 1 to 8 people

As every week, Apple is also releasing an iPad or iPhone app for free download this week for a limited time. This time around, it's definitely a game to watch again. "Tsuro - [...]